The Paperless iPad Classroom with the Google Drive App

Google Drive

Have you read The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs by Eric Curts? If not, you should. It is a great way for Google schools to harness the power of Google for sharing documents, and establishing a workflow for students to turn in work for teachers to grade and return in a paperless environment. I love it. In fact, I liked it so much that I decided to pay homage to it with a version that is dedicated to doing the very same thing on the iPad using just the Google Drive app.

Regular readers will have seen my last post, How to Use Comments on the Google Drive iPad app. For me, this was a key change to the Google Drive iPad app, and one that had huge implications for the iPad classroom. It inspired me to think about just how much you can do in Google with an iPad and the Drive app, and I soon discovered that you can do a lot more than you might think.

So, with the blessing of Eric Curts himself, I sat down and went through all the steps he meticulously outlined for the desktop version of Google Drive, and converted as many as I could to the equivalent actions in the Google Drive iPad app. Then I added some additional steps for other things like taking documents offline, or grading PDFs, images and movies.

I realize that a lot of what Eric Curts lays out in his original document can already be done on the iPad by switching to Desktop mode, but this environment it is just not optimized for the iPad and can be clumsy at best. It can be done, of course it can, but if you can do what you need to do in the Drive app, the chances are you high that you will have a less frustrating experience.

I hope, therefore, that these ideas will be useful for Google schools that use iPads in the classroom. It is a first draft, so I welcome all comments or suggestions on how to update or improve this for other educators, and as updates are made to the app, I will endeavor to update this document accordingly. You can see the finished product here: The Paperless iPad Classroom with the Google Drive App.