Here’s Looking at You PreK-2 from #iPadU – Slide to Unlock Learning

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This week, my esteemed employers, Grant Wood AEA, are hosting their first iPad conference – iPadU: Slide to Unlock Learning. Our keynote speaker and VIP presenter is Kathy Schrock, but we have a number of other talented educators who have kindly volunteered their time to present their own take on iPad integration in K-12 classrooms. I will be presenting three times, so I thought I would share my slides here for anyone that was interested.

My first session is titled “Here’s Looking at You PreK-2” and is geared at highlighting some of the important work being done with iPads in PreK-2 classrooms. I don’t get into these classrooms as much as I might like, but any elementary teacher will tell you that these are some of the most important years for children who are developing skills and finding new ways to explore the world.

As much as I endorse the importance of technology in the classroom, and strive to find new ways to be creative with it, I do believe that it is important to have a balance, especially in PreK-2 where there is so much new learning and discovery going on. As such, many of the examples you will see in the slideshow below were included for just that reason. They blend technology with more traditional learning methods like writing, group work, class discussions and so forth, because these are important skills that it would be foolish to overlook at this stage of a child’s development.

So, the slides are embedded below. Take from them what you want, and feel free to share them with anyone you think might benefit from them. I will post the other presentations over the next couple of days, but this has been a busy month, so bear with me! 🙂 I was presenting at ISTE a couple of weeks ago, I have iPadU this week, and in a couple more weeks I will be presenting at the Iowa Google Summit.

[slideshare id=24113922&doc=hereslookingatyouprek-2-130710151806-phpapp01]