My Big Lists!

Are you looking for new ideas and apps to use with your iPads in the classroom? The links below are collections of iPad apps that I put together in order to try to help educators who are looking for the latest and greatest educational content to use on an iPad. I will update these as often as I can, and welcome suggestions for any of the categories below. Email me via my contact page.

My Big List of iPad Coding Apps for Kids!

My Big List of Digital Storytelling Apps for the Classroom

My Big List of Creative Screencasting Apps

My Big List of Alternative Browsers for the iPad

My Big List of Apps for a Collaborative iPad Classroom

– Note Taking Apps (Coming Soon)

– Music Apps (Coming Soon)

– Art Apps (Coming Soon)

– Photo Editors (Coming Soon)

– Reference Apps (Coming Soon)

– PLN Apps (Coming Soon)

– Assessment Apps (Coming Soon)

– Mind Mapping Apps (Coming Soon)


3 thoughts on “My Big Lists!

  1. […] Are there other great note taking apps out there? Indeed there are. Should I have mentioned MyScript Memo, Note Taker HD, Bamboo Paper, TopNotes, Super Note or NoteSuite? Yes, I absolutely could have, but I will probably just save those for my next BIG list post. […]


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