Collaboration Apps for the iPad

Collaborative learning can be a rich and rewarding experience for students. The following apps are designed to support that goal and get teachers and students working together in a collaborative work environment. All quotes are from the App Store description page of the respective apps. Prices can, and probably will, vary over time.

Rabble BrowserAsk3BaiBoard HDSubtextiBrainstorm

Rabble Browser ($2.99) – “RabbleBrowser is a curated, collaborative Web browsing and file sharing tool to help with learning and sharing in a group setting. RabbleBrowser allows a leader or facilitator to lead a group browsing experience. This browser is the perfect tool for a classroom, lecture hall, discussion group, boardroom or any meeting room. No more IM’ing URLs or files, emailing and hoping they go through quickly and not get caught in a spam filter, or hollering out “http://…” across a crowded room – just easy, collaborative group browsing and file sharing.

Ask3 (Free) – “Ask3 allows teachers and students with iPads to easily share knowledge and collaborate via threaded, video conversations. By recording your voice, drawings, and images, Ask3 helps you create videos that can be shared directly to your class. Students can watch the videos you create using Ask3 and can quickly ask and answer each other’s questions.

BaiBoard HD (Free) – “BaiBoard enables real-time collaboration via: 1. Zoomable multi-page whiteboard. 2. Collaborative annotation on PDF docs. 3. Screen Sharing from iPad to web browser.

Subtext (Free) – “In Subtext teachers and students can exchange ideas as they read, right in the pages of almost any digital book or document. You can also layer in enrichment materials, assignments and quizzes—opening up limitless opportunities to engage students, foster analysis and writing skills, and assess student progress. Subtext’s service extends the reading experience far beyond traditional books and aligns with the Common Core Standards across reading, writing and 21st century digital skills.

iBrainstorm (Free) – “Capturing and sharing your inner most creative genius has never been easier. Introducing the first multi-device collaboration tool from Universal Mind. From iPhone to iPad with just a flick of the finger, iBrainstorm has set the bar and has redefined the very nature of collaboration.

Google DriveWhiteboard

Google Drive (Free) – “Get started with 5GB for free to safely keep all your stuff in one place and then access it from any device, anywhere. Store documents, pictures, or other files – even the big ones – using Google Drive and easily share them with anyone.

Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing (Free or $0.99) – “Collaborate with friends and family with Whiteboard, the easy-to-use collaborative drawing app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Two users can create pictures together over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth peer-to-peer.


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