Image Candy: Free Online Image Editor

Photo by Max Fischer on Pexels

If you are familiar with online tools like PDF Candy or Video Candy, you will be happy to hear that the good people at IceCream Apps have added a brand-new app to their online suite of media tools. It’s called Image Candy! Here’s what you need to know.

What is Image Candy?

Image Candy is a free online image editor. There are 13 different tools that you can play with, and they are completely free to use. There is no registration, no ads, and no limitations on usage. You can access it by visiting

What Can You Do With Image Candy?

Here is a quick rundown of the 13 tools that are available to you with Image Candy’s free online image editor.

  1. Image converter – Convert an image to JPG, SVG, DPI or extract text.
  2. Image Resizer – Resize an image to make it smaller
  3. Compress Image – Compress and optimize photos by up to 85%
  4. Remove background – Upload an image and remove the background
  5. Image to PDF – Merge multiple images to PDF
  6. Image Rotator – Rotate images in bulk
  7. Image Flipper – Mirror pictures and face them the other way
  8. Image Cropper – Crop areas of an image you don’t need
  9. Text tool – Add text to your image and customize it
  10. Watermark – Create a custom watermark and add it to your image
  11. Meme Generator – Yep. You guessed it. Time to get your meme on.
  12. HEIC to JPG – Convert iPhone HEIC photos to JPG
  13. Video to GIF – Convert a video to an animated GIF

How Well Does it Work?

Image Candy works really well! The tools that I tried were fast and produced great results. Could you do some of the same things in Photoshop, Canva or Adobe Express? Absolutely, but you can’t beat the ease of use you get with Image Candy.

There is no learning curve with Image Candy, and everything you want to do can be accomplished in just a couple of clicks.

What is the Privacy Policy Like?

Whenever you are uploading images to the web, you need to know that those images are going to be handled with the care. So, what happens to pictures that you upload to their site? The answer to that question is listed in the Image Candy privacy policy, and you can read that section below:

All the files that are being uploaded to our Site for the further processing and the newly generated output files are kept on our servers for as long as 2 hours. This time of files’ storing provides you with a solid opportunity to have sufficient time to download the files from our servers. We do not make any backups of the files uploaded and processed. We do not share or provide access to these files to third-party websites or persons. Within 2 hours of the files being kept on our server, they will be permanently deleted.

If you work in a school and are using this website with students, this is great news to hear. Not everyone appreciates how important privacy is to educators and the work that they do.

Where Can I Find Image Candy?

To try this free online image editor for yourself, head over to And, if you like what you see, be sure to check out their other online apps, PDF Candy and Video Candy.

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