5 Link Sharing Sites for Personal Branding

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In a world where our online identities are scattered between social media and other online platforms, it’s hard to let people know about all the places they can connect with you. Such is the life of a digital nomad. That’s why you need a link-sharing site. It houses all of your online personas in one place. Best of all, it can be accessed with just one link. You can use that link in online bios and in your email signature. Here are five of the best for you to consider.

1. Solo.to

Solo.to is a clean and modern landing page for all your online links. I found it completely by accident one day while researching some people up on Twitter. One person I looked at had a solo.to link in their bio so I clicked it to see where it went. I was impressed by what I saw. In fact, I was so impressed that I set up my own page the same day. See my solo.to page here.

Solo.to is a great choice for a link sharing or personal branding page. It gives you a custom URL, (solo.to/username), as well as the ability to add up to 12 custom links for free. You can also add contact buttons and section dividers. I upgraded to the Personal Plan ($12 per year) to take advantage of even more links, section titles, social media buttons, and the awesome dark mode theme.

You can set up a solo.to page in just a few minutes. Create an account and start adding your links. The free version will be fine for many, but you will get 10% off any paid plans if you sign up with this referral link.

Screenshot of the solo.to link sharing website

2. Campsite

Campsite is another link-sharing site that makes setting up an online profile quick and easy. It allows for unlimited links, including video links, and has a lot of customization options for the pre-made themes. In fact, you get more color options with Campsite than you do with any of the other options on this page.

The interface for adding links is straightforward and based around a drag and drop interface that you can use to add and reorder the links you need. The free accounts have a campsite.bio/username link.

To be honest, this was one of the only negatives because it is a little longer than I would like it to be. If it weren’t for the URL, I would probably be using Campsite today. My 13 character username does make the Campsite link more cumbersome, but I know that is my own doing! Your username may not be that long.

Take a look at my Campsite profile page here. If you like what you see, you can sign up with this referral link. It will save you $10 on a paid plan should you decide to upgrade from the free account later.

screenshot of the campsite home page

3. Linktree

Linktree was high on my shortlist of sites to look at when I decided to move on from the site I used to use. In the end, it lost out to Solo.to, but there are a lot of similarities between these two sites so it really just came down to personal preference.

Linktree gives you an unlimited number of links on the free plan and has a collection of themes that you can use to customize the look of your page. You can include all your social media sites with handy one-click buttons and also embed videos.

Most people will probably be fine with the free Linktree plan, but if you need more flexibility, you can unlock all the available features for $6 per month.

screenshot of the linktree website

4. Bop.me

Bop.me is an entirely free link-sharing site where you get lots of options. Best of all, there are no paid plans. You can send a donation to the developers for all their hard work, but you are under no obligation to do so. You can add social links for all the popular platforms and an unlimited number of links.

The overall design of bop.me is a little simpler than some of the competition, but it is not without customization options. You can change the background color of your page and even include an animated background if you want to stand out from the crowd. There are 12 different button styles for your links and many fonts to choose from. The custom URL (bop.me/username) is a little quirky, but it’s short and should prove to be memorable.

Another exciting feature is analytics. Bop.me will track the number of visitors and clicks on your page for you. This is a valuable addition that some other sites reserve for their paid plans.

screenshot of the bop.me link sharing site

5. About.me

About.me is the site I used before I signed up with Solo.to. I was happy with it for several years because it has most of the features you would want from a link-sharing site. It gives you a little more than some on this list because you can include a more extensive text block to explain more about what you do. See my About.me page here.

With About. me, you get a custom URL (about.me/username) as well as the ability to include a spotlight button as a call to action at the top of your page. You can add your educational background and all your social media links. About.me even gives you the ability to copy and paste an email signature for your page into your email client of choice.

About.me has a decent free plan to get you started, but some of the features you come across will prompt you to upgrade to a paid plan. However, it’s still a decent option and worth checking out if you are looking for a branding page like this.

screenshot of about.me

Which One is Right for You?

The best thing about the sites above is that they all have a free plan to see what your branding or link page would look like. There is no harm in trying them all! My favorites from this list are Solo.to and Campsite. I chose Solo.to, but your requirements may differ from mine.

Which one did you choose, and why? Are there others that you would recommend in addition to the ones on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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