Introducing: The Tech Nuggets Newsletter

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Email is often decried as a waning, outdated form of communication. However, it shows no signs of leaving us anytime soon. Why? Email remains an important part of most people’s workflows. It’s predictable, manageable, and if you subscribe to the right sources, it can also be a valuable place for new learning. To that end, I decided to create my own email newsletter. Here’s the scoop.

Why Create an Email Newsletter?

Recently, I became more conscious of the fact that I don’t often have time to create an in-depth blog post on everything I want to share. Such is my reality right now. Twitter is great for quick shares, but with the volume of tweets that most people have in their timelines, the digital noise can quickly become overwhelming.

A newsletter is more focused. It allows creators the ability to collect the best of what they want to share and organize it in a familiar format. Over time, this collection grows into an archive of issues that can be referenced on demand.

My intention with The Tech Nuggets newsletter is to complement the work that I post right here. The blog will continue to serve as a home for my long-form writing and reviews. The newsletter will run parallel to that.

Instead of talking about one app, Tech Nuggets will highlight multiple apps at once. There will be a quick description of each app, tool, or service and if one of those things sounds like something you might want to learn more about, you can click through to the website and do just that.

What’s in a Name Anyway?

In the Edtech Take Out, a podcast I co-host with Mindy Cairney, we always end each episode with some Tech Nuggets. They are apps, tools, or websites that have caught our attention as innovative ways to use technology. That’s exactly what you’ll find in the Tech Nuggets newsletter; a collection of stellar links to the best of the web with a brief explanation of why I think they are useful.

A website wireframe layout on an iPad
A website wireframe layout on an iPad

What’s in the Newsletter?

The content will be similar to the kinds of things I write about here, but for the newsletter, I am focusing on the tools. They might be apps, websites, or links to videos, but everything on the Tech Nuggets newsletter is related to a digital product that could be used to enhance teaching, learning, creativity, or productivity.

How Can I Subscribe?

I’m glad you asked! Simply visit this page to check out the most recent issues. If you like what you see, add your email address and hit the Subscribe Now button. New issues of the Tech Nuggets newsletter will arrive in your inbox every Monday morning. Feel free to share it with anyone you think might be interested.

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