7 Canva Templates You Might Not Know About

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One of the biggest things that keep people coming back to Canva is the templates. They have templates for every occasion. However, as more and more templates are added to the collection, it can be hard to uncover the gems that are really going to make your day. In this post, I am going to round up some of the best Canva templates that you might not have heard of before. As a Canva for Education customer, they are free and easy to personalize so that you can make them your own.

1. Comic Strip Templates

Comic strips are an often forgotten medium when it comes to digital storytelling, yet students love them. With Canva you can explore a variety of comic strip templates, most of which come with blank boxes and character sets you can use to tell your story. You could try assigning the same comic strip to all your students with blank speech bubbles and see what story they can come up with. Alternatively, let them choose their own and work from scratch. Could you introduce a new topic to students with a comic strip instead of a video? I bet you could!

black and white comic strip template from Canva about a teacher and a student discussion the definition of idioms

2. Canva Templates for Infographics

Infographics are harder to create than you might think. It takes a lot of processing to decide how best to organize your data and tell the story you want to tell. However, when done well, they are a very effective way of communicating complex data. Canva has a good selection of infographic templates that you can use for inspiration, but they also have many more elements you can use in the editor. If you haven’t tried creating an infographic with Canva before, I would encourage you to try.

A canva template for an infographic showing technology's impact on child development

3. Zoom Background Templates

I’ve written about Zoom background templates before, but I thought it was worth mentioning them again for those that may have missed that post. They are a relatively recent addition to Canva, but a welcome one. There are lots to choose from and like everything else, they are easy to modify. If you do any kind of synchronous online learning, these are a “must-have” template for your toolkit!

A virtual background for zoom showing leaves and a tent in fall colors. Text reads, lets go on a learning adventure. Reminders: put your mic on mute. Use the chat if you want to say something. Video must be kept on.

4. Graphic Organizer Templates

Graphic organizers are a staple part of most classrooms. However, they are not known for their amazing design aesthetic. Thankfully, Canva has a huge variety of graphic organizer templates that you can customize for your students. So, whether you are planning an essay, organizing some data, or profiling a superhero, you will doubtless find something here that will meet your needs.

Graphic organizer template from Canva  for a profile of a hero. Includes fields for date of birth, education, career, childhood and achievements.

5. Google Classroom Templates

Google provides you with lots of great options for customizing your Google Classroom, but if you are tired of the same options, Canva has you covered. They have a whole collection of templates that you can use to customize your Google Classroom header image. This is a great way to add some personality to your class and also to personalize it so that it better meets the kind of class you teach.

Google Classroom header template from Canva. Text reads Science, Wylie, and has planets and a rocket in the background

6. Canva Templates for YouTube

Video is a bigger part of today’s classrooms than it ever has been. That means teachers and students need to be literate with creating, editing, and sharing video. Some editors have built-in effects you can use at the beginning or end of your video, but they tend to be a little limited. This is where Canva can help. They have a great variety of video templates you can use at the beginning or end of your video. Canva also has templates for YouTube channel art and video thumbnails.

7. Classroom Decoration Templates

The Classroom Decor Kits are a collection of graphics featuring posters, lesson plans, calendars, virtual backgrounds, Google Classroom banners, printable labels, and more. There are hundreds to choose from, but you can filter through the list using some of the tags at the top of the screen so you can browse by theme.

Canva template for a daily agenda poster that could be used in a classroom to show a student schedule.

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