5 New Updates for Google Meet

Google Meet Updates: 5 new features

There is something reassuring about using a product where all the company resources are dedicated to making that one thing better. Take, for instance, Zoom. You can get video conferencing options from Google, Microsoft, Apple, and others, but as big as these companies are, video calls are not their sole purpose, so they only dedicate a limited number of resources towards maintaining and improving that service. Recently, Google was able to offer a number of updates for Meet to help make it more competitive with the likes of Zoom. Here are five new features for Google Meet that you can expect to see soon.

1. Present a Chrome Tab With Audio

While you have always been able to share your screen in Google Meet, the experience has been enhanced to include some useful upgrades. You can now share higher quality video with audio content in a Meet call using the new present a Chrome tab feature. With this option, everyone in the call will be able to see and hear the video that you are sharing, so it is great for watching a YouTube video together on a video call. You can also view other tabs as a presenter while presenting one tab to the group, or switch between tabs that you are presenting.

2. Tiled Layout for up to 16 People

Google has expanded the tile view in Meet to support up to 16 people at a time. Previously, this was limited to just four people. The new update is only available for web users right now, but more layout options and support for other devices are planned. You can now choose from tiled, spotlight or sidebar layouts. Learn how to change your view in Google Meet here.

3. Low Light Video Enhancements

This one is all about the power of software. Laptop webcams are only going to be so good, and a lot of them are actually pretty bad. However, Google is using artificial intelligence to enhance the clarity of your video when you are in less than ideal lighting conditions. This feature is currently rolling out now to the Meet mobile apps, and it will be available to web users soon.

4. Background Noise Cancellation

If you have ever been distracted by a barking dog or a noisy coffee shop during your video meeting, then this one is for you. Google is working on ways to filter out that noise and make things more pleasant for everyone on the call. This new technology can even block out keystrokes from people taking notes on the call. Noise cancellation is coming to G Suite Education and Business customers in the coming weeks. It will appear on the web version first, but plans are in place for mobile users too.

5. Start or Join a Meeting from Gmail

You have probably seen this one already, but you can now start or join a Google Meet video call from inside of Gmail. This doesn’t really offer you any more functionality, but most people have Gmail open all day as a tab on their laptop, so this one is really all about convenience. It can save you a few clicks and help you get up and running quicker. This feature is available now.

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