Introducing: Today at Apple at Home

Macbook lid. Text reads Free Apple Tutorials: Today at Apple at Home.

The Today at Apple program is a collection of free workshops that are held at Apple retail stores all over the world. Anyone can sign up to attend and learn more about how to use their Apple device for coding, art, music, photography, and more. However, the Covid-19 outbreak that has engulfed our world has prompted Apple to close all of their retail stores, and that means you can’t sign up for these free, face-to-face workshops. This led to the creation of the Today at Apple at Home program.

Apple did what many schools have started to do right now. They moved the learning online. Currently there are three video workshops for the Today at Apple at Home series, and more will follow. You can learn to draw playful portraits on iPad, capture striking photography with an iPhone, or shoot photos full of personality. Each video is five minutes or less and they include easy to follow, step-by-step directions to help you get creative with your favorite Apple device.

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If you are stuck at home with kids, like a lot of us are right now, these fun, hands-on activities might be just what you need to add a little something extra to your homeschool routine. None of them are overly challenging, and they are definitely something you could do together as a family.

Looking for more ideas? If so, take a look at Apple’s 30 Creative Activities for Kids, which has a variety of Apple-based challenges that are aimed at children in elementary school, but older kids could join in or help with a lot of these too. There are no videos to guide you, but the written instructions should be enough get you started.

Screenshot of the 30 Creative Activities for Kids calendar from Apple.

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