Statue of Liberty App Review

Statue of Liberty. Text reads, Interactive AR tours of the Statue of Liberty

This week I was browsing the Today tab on the iOS App Store when I came across a free app that piqued my interest enough to dig a little deeper. It’s called Statue of Liberty, and it was created by The Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation. Although it is a little limited in its scope, there is no doubt in my mind that it is one of the best educational apps I have seen recently. Here’s why.

Discover the Statue of Liberty

The purpose of this app is to let you experience the Statue of Liberty in new and innovative ways. It uses augmented reality and immersive video to help you become absorbed in the history and importance of this famous national monument. It is a great resource for teachers who may be studying the Northeast region, immigration, or other aspects of American history.

Screenshots of the Statue of Liberty app

Noteworthy App Features

There are four different experiences in the Statue of Liberty app. Each one is unique in it’s own way, but they all provide a great, interactive experience for the user.

  1. A Vision for Liberty: Discover the early history of the Statue of Liberty and engage in an immersive view from the torch at the top of the statue. You can move around in all directions and toggle between different times of the day to see new perspectives.
  2. How Liberty Was Made: Explore the statue inside and out with stories related to the construction of this monument and an AR view that gives you an x-ray look at the structure of the statue, as well as a unique look at how the copper outside has weathered over the years.
  3. Liberty and the People: Stories that share the importance of the statue throughout history are included in this section, as well as an immersive video that gives you a view from the island. The timeline on the side of the screen allows you to see how that view has changed over the last 200 years.
  4. A New Liberty Experience: The final offering is an insight into the preservation work that the Foundation has committed to in order to preserve the statue for future generations. It also includes a life-size AR view of the statue’s foot, and yes, it is bigger than you think!


I loved this app. It is an amazing showcase for what you can do by combining text, images, video and interactive AR experiences on the iPad. It made me wonder if something like this could be the future for Google Expeditions. Instead of just doing a VR tour or an AR tour, you can take an interactive tour that combines both, alongside historical imagery, facts, and more. The free Statue of Liberty app is available for iPhone and iPad.

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