Learn Chrome OS: The Chromebook Simulator

If you’ve ever looked for a quick, easy way for teachers, students, and even parents, to learn how to use a Chromebook, then you should take a look at Google’s free Chromebook Simulator. It’s an online learning site with step-by-step interactive tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know to get started using a Chromebook. Here’s how it works.

Getting to Know the Chromebook Simulator

The Chromebook Simulator has all the basics that you might need in order to get started using a Chromebook. The tutorials are grouped into topics on the left-hand sidebar and clicking a topic will expand it further to reveal the tutorials that are available. File management, accessibility, offline use and more are covered here, as well as some handy tips on how to use the touchpad.

Each tutorial is divided up into step-by-step directions with slick, easy to follow animations. The simulator looks to be based on the latest version of Chrome OS and has information that is useful for Chrome laptops, convertibles and tablets.

If you look in the top right-hand corner of a tutorial, you will see the option to print or download the tutorial as a PDF. This can be a great option for some targeted tech support on a particular area of need. It could also save you the time and effort that is needed to create something like this yourself.

Click these icons to print or download tutorials as a PDF

With any luck, Google will continue to update the Chromebook Simulator so that it matches the latest changes in Chrome OS. By itself, the simulator is not the most complete Chromebook user guide, (here is Google’s official support page for Chromebooks), but for a quick orientation that gets people up and running, I think this works really well.

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