How to Record Your iPad Screen in iOS 11

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One of the features that educators have been most looking forward to in iOS 11 is screen recording. There are lots of ways to record your iPad screen, and I’ve written about some of those in the past, but native iOS screen recording is likely going to be the most convenient option for most people. However, it’s somewhat hidden in Settings, so here’s a quick guide on how to set it up and start recording your own iPad screencasts.

Screen Recording on an iPad & iPhone

1. Open Settings, tap on Control Center and then Customize Controls

2. Tap the green plus sign next to Screen Recording to add it to your Control Center

3. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to launch Control Center

4. Tap the Screen Recording button (highlighted below) to initiate a three second countdown before the recording goes live. The timer is useful because it lets you exit Control Center before your recording begins, although you can always trim the beginning or end of your video in the Photos app later if you need to.

5. To stop recording, you can return to the Control Center to tap the screen recording button again, but I prefer to tap the red bar that you will see at the top of your screen during recording.

Note: By default, no audio is recorded with your screencast. However, you can enable the microphone on your device by pressing and holding the Screen Recording button before you begin. This will activate a pop out menu (see below) that lets you toggle audio recording on or off.

How to Use iPad Screen Recordings

Teachers will enjoy screen recordings in iOS 11 for creating tutorials and other instructional videos for students to watch. They will be able to move in and out of apps and create quick and easy videos with minimal effort. Teachers can create flipped classroom videos, give feedback on student assignments, or give differentiated support with targeted skills videos.

Similarly, students will be able to use iPad screen recordings to show what they know. They can record reviews of websites or online services, or narrate over a Keynote, Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation. These videos can also be submitted to Google Classroom, SeeSaw or an LMS as a record of their learning.


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Remember that you can app smash those recordings and import them into iMovie, Splice Clips as part of a larger video project where you can add titles, animations, sound and more. You could bring them into Book Creator to create student manuals, electronic textbooks and more.

Screencasting Tips for Teachers

  • Record in a quiet location
  • Clear your home screen of any distracting apps (e.g. games)
  • Turn off all notifications for the duration of your recording
  • Create a script or outline so you cover everything you need
  • Speak slowly and clearly whenever you can
  • Be concise and don’t pause for too long
  • The built-in mics are great, but USB mics are even better! Most USB mics will work on an iPad with the addition of a Lightning to USB adapter
  • Consider the 1 minute per grade level rule for maximizing engagement
  • Watch your video all the way through before you share it


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