123apps: Free Web Apps for a Multimedia Classroom


In an increasingly digital world, students and educators find themselves dealing with multimedia files on a regular basis. This means creating them, editing them, and converting them are not uncommon tasks. Thankfully, there are free tools like the web apps from 123apps.com that can make things like this a whole lot easier. Here’s what you need to know.

There are 10 basic web apps in the 123apps suite, but some, like the PDF Tools, include a whole subset of additional features that really make this number a whole lot bigger. Often, your Mac, PC or iPad will already have software installed that is capable of completing the tasks on offer here, but not everyone knows which software to use, or how to use it when they find it. That’s where 123apps really comes in to its own. They are easy to use, safe, free and they all run in a browser. So, what follows is a list of the tools that are available and a short description of what each one can do.


1. PDF Tools

  • Split a PDF file into pieces or pick just a few pages
  • Merge multiple PDFs into one file
  • Reduce the file size of a PDF document
  • Convert PDFs to editable Word files
  • Convert Word files to PDFs
  • Convert PDF tables to Excel files
  • Convert an Excel table to a PDF
  • Save each page of a PDF as a JPG
  • Merge multiple JPG images into a PDF
  • Remove a password or unlock a PDF
  • Add a password to a PDF file
  • Rotate or change the orientation of PDF pages
  • Convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF
  • Convert PDFs to PowerPoint presentations
  • Merge multiple PNG images into a PDF
  • Save each PDF page as a PNG
  • Convert a PDF to HTML format
  • Add page numbers to a PDF document

2. Audio Cutter

  • An online app that can be used to cut audio tracks right in your browser.
  • Extract an audio track from a video
  • Add fade in and fade out effects to our cut track
  • Supports over 300 file formats

3. Audio Cutter Pro

  • As above, but also includes the ability to…
  • Edit multiple audio fragments simultaneously
  • Cut out multiple portions of an audio track

4. Audio Converter

  • Convert audio from one format to another
  • Convert multiple files at once

5. Audio Joiner

  • Join multiple audio tracks together into one track
  • Use a crossfade to transition from one to another

6. Video Converter

  • Convert video files from one format to another
  • Adjust the size and/or resolution of a video
  • File sizes of up to 2Gb are supported

7. Video Cutter

  • Trim a video file
  • Rotate video by 90, 180 or 270 degrees
  • Crop for effect or for changing proportions

8. Voice Recorder

  • Record your voice and save it as an MP3 file
  • Requires Flash Player tools
  • Cut your recording when you are done

9. Video Recorder

  • Record videos and take pictures with your webcam
  • The app can record videos of unlimited length
  • Save your video to your computer or in Google Drive or Dropbox

10. Archive Extractor

  • Unzips a zip file
  • Supports over 70 types of compressed files
  • Choose files from your computer, Drive, or Dropbox

So, lots of very handy tools 123apps.com, and if you made it this far in the post, you can probably think of a few occasions when apps like these could have saved you time, headaches, or both! I think that these are great tools for educators to have in their toolkit, and because they are online, they are just a bookmark away.

These apps are also great for student projects, but I would recommend giving your kids a quick reminder on the ethics and rules of copyright before using 123apps. Some of these tools could be used for purposes that were not perhaps the original intention of the creators, and we want our students to be good digital citizens of the world. Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility! 🙂

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