Build Your Own Google Expeditions Kit

expeditions edtech gear guide.png

Google Expeditions is a brand new VR experience that is available to schools who are interested in exploring virtual field trips as a way to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. I recently wrote a guide about how to get started with Google Expeditions because I have had a lot of hands-on time with this technology recently. However, these things are expensive, so I wanted to take some more time to explore the possibility of building your own Google Expeditions kit for a fraction of the price of a full retail set.

NOTE: This post has been updated and moved to The Edtech Gear Guide, a brand new website for educators who use technology to enhance teaching and learning. Please follow this link to view the full article and get the latest recommendations for using green screen in your classroom.



9 thoughts on “Build Your Own Google Expeditions Kit

  1. Outstanding post, Jon! I am regularly asked for advice on how to put together a classroom VR kit. If you don’t mind, I’ll send them here to read this post!


  2. […] to enable teachers to lead their pupils through an expedition, you’ll need a kit – here’s a how to guide on how to make your own. There are pre-made sets available for purchase in the US, but I imagine the import duties on those […]


  3. You can get a ready made kit with lesson plans from for only $6000-7000


  4. […] of posts that proved to be quite popular – What to Buy For a Green Screen Classroom and Build Your Own Google Expeditions Kit. These posts were a little different from others that I have written because they were basically a […]


  5. Thanks for the post Jonathan! I’m trying to learn more about the packaging of the Google Expeditions kits. Do you have any pictures or know where I could look?


  6. Mohemmed Yasser

    Hello Jonathan

    I am looking to setup VR expedition in a school in India. We cannot buy the kit as it is very expensive. But I like the alternatives that you have mentioned but I couldn’t understand how to get a router like the one which is present in VR Expedition kit? considering that schools in India do not have Wi-fi.


    • Hi, the router does not use an internet connection. It creates its own local network for the phones and tablet to connect to. When we take ours out to schools this is what we use. We don’t use the school WiFi because we would have to connect all the phones manually and some schools have network restrictions beyond a password. We just turn on the router and the phones automatically connect to that.

      However, you do need WiFi for is to download the tours on the teacher device. It does not need to be a constant connection, but he Expeditions app does not have any tours downloaded on it. You need to download the tours you want to use on the teacher device (and only the teacher device) before starting the Expedition with students.


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