How to Create & Use Twitter Moments

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Twitter Moments are a curated collection of tweets that are designed to tell a story. When they were first launched, you could only read stories that had been curated by Twitter, but recently that changed. You can now create and share your own Twitter Moments, and I think there are a lot of great opportunities for social savvy teachers to take advantage of that. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Create a Moment

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Moments tab
  3. Click Create new Moment

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Alternatively, you can click the three dots on any tweet and select New Moment. You can also click through to your profile page to find the Moments tab next to your Lists. If you click that, you will see the option to Create new Moment.

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Every Moment needs a title and a description, so add those first. After that, you are ready to add tweets to your Moment. Twitter gives you a number of options for doing this. You can select from tweets you have liked, look for tweets from a specific account, perform a search on twitter (e.g. by hashtag or keyword), or add the link to a tweet. Simply select the checkmark next to any tweet to add it to your Moment.

Tweets can be manually ordered so that they appear in chronological or some other progression that makes the most sense to your story. Tweets with media can be cropped for optimal viewing on a desktop and mobile device. You can also choose one tweet to be the cover image of your Moment.

Sharing Twitter Moments

There are a number of ways you can share a Twitter Moment. The obvious way is to tweet the Moment to your followers. However you can also share it via a link, or embed it on a website with the HTML embed code.

Using Twitter Moments at School

1. In many ways, Twitter Moments are a concise form of digital storytelling. There is a certain skill involved with selecting the right tweets and the order in which to arrange them to tell the best story. So, they could absolutely be used for a student assignment on a trending topic or world event for Social Studies, Language Arts, or even Science.

2. Have you ever been to an #edtech conference and wished you had a better way of capturing the best soundbites of the keynote speaker? Twitter Moments could be perfect for this. Simply follow the conference hashtag and “like” the best tweets as you see them. After the keynote, you can quickly go back and select those liked tweets to add to your Moment.

3. Twitter Moments could be great for school events too. If you have a sports team that made it to a state tournament, and have an active number of people tweeting updates with your school hashtag, then Moments could be a perfect way to capture and share that excitement.

4. If you have your own class hashtag and have assign students a task that they reflect upon with a tweet, then you can quickly and easily gather the best of those thoughts together in one place in order to discuss them the next day in class.

5. Take parents behind the scenes of your classroom or curate the learning from a field trip. Simply collect the best tweets and add them to your Moment to share later.

These are just some of the ways that I could see Twitter Moments being used at school. How would you use Twitter Moments?

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  1. Hi Jonathan! These are great ideas for using Twitter Moments! Another idea I have is to capture any Twitter informal learning as a form of documentation that teachers can share with their administrators and then write a reflection about how they will use it in their learning environments.

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