Creating Photo & Video Slideshows is Easy With Quik for iPad

Quik for iPaD

I love iPad video editor apps like iMovie and Splice, but sometimes all you really want to do is quickly throw some photos together in a slideshow, save it as a movie, and share it with others. In this past, this has undoubtedly taken more time than it should, but Quik for iOS changes everything. With this free app you can create a professional looking video with music and titles in almost no time at all. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Create Video Slideshows With Quik for iPad

1. Start by tapping the Create button and selecting the images and/or videos that you would like to include. Tap OK when you are ready to move on.

Select photos videos Quik

2. A video will immediately start playing with the media you selected automatically matched to an upbeat music track. If you like it, then you’re done! Click Save to share your video. To explore more options, keep reading!

3. Tap the paint bucket icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen to choose a new theme. Scroll horizontally to see all the themes that are available. Each one has a selection of filters, fonts and animations that will give your movie a unique and stylish look. Tapping twice on a theme will let you fine tune the effects.

Quik themes

4. Tap the music icon if you want to browser the music library or add your own music. To change the current selection, tap Remove Current Track, then tap once more to select a new one. You can browser the GoPro music library or tap My Music to add something from your device or from a variety of cloud accounts.

5. Tap the pencil icon for the editor mode. This feature gives you more control over your images. You can tap on any picture for the ability to set a point of interest on your images, add text, duplicate the image, or delete it from your timeline. Text can also be added before or after media by tapping on an image and then tapping the plus sign on either side of it.

focus points in Quik

6. Tapping the wrench allows you to toggle between a square or a widescreen view and to set the overall length of your video. Quik makes a recommendation based on the number of images or videos you add, but you can override that if you want. Should you decide to change the length of the video, look for the music icon on the timeline. These are the ideal fade points for the music track you chose.

How to Share Videos Created With Quik for iPad

When you are finished and ready to share, click the Save button. There are a number of great ways to share your finished video. Aside from the usual social network options you can choose to save to your camera roll. Interestingly, you can also use the Copy Link feature to upload the video to GoPro’s servers and share an unlisted link to your video. Tapping More will render your video and give you the option to share it via other apps installed on your iPad. Here is a “Quik” video that I put together with some free images from

Educational Uses for Photo & Video Slideshows

If you’ve read this far, I expect you already have all kinds of great ideas for how to use photo and video slideshows with students. They are great for remembering field trips, sports games, and other school events. Videos are perfect for reflecting on progress in PBL or other elongated classroom projects. You can use them in Science to show change over time or to document a process and add titles in between with explanations. I even met a preschool teacher once who took photos of her students every day for a year and then combined them into a video, complete with a sentimental soundtrack, that made a special end of year gift for parents.

Alternative Apps for Photo & Video Slideshows on the iPad

In terms of simplicity, I think that this is exactly where you want to be. Quik is about as easy as it gets. That said, Animoto runs a close second and has many of the same features. Educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus account for use in the classroom here. iMovie can do photo and video slideshows and has many more options like slow motion, or picture in picture, both of which could really help you or your students make your final product really shine. You may also want to check out Quik’s sister app called Splice. I am a BIG fan of Splice. Although it was designed as a video editor, it would still be a very sensible choice for photo/video slideshows.

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