How to Switch from Zite to Flipboard

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So the time has come. I am about to delete one of my favorite iPad apps of all time. Zite has been an amazing discovery tool for me. It has enhanced my learning and given me lots of great ideas to share in this blog and online via social media. However, as you may already have heard, Zite was acquired by Flipboard recently and will be discontinued.

For a long time I was bullish about these changes and carried on using Zite regardless. After all, it still works, and has yet to be pulled from the App Store, but it doesn’t work as well as it used to. The app has not been updated since March 2014. There have been a number of weekends recently when there would be no new stories for several days. When it does work, I have found the articles in my feed increasingly irrelevant to my tastes.

So, after years of great service, it is time to remove Zite from my iPad. The only remaining question was what to replace it with. There are numerous news aggregation apps that will adapt to your specific interests, but Flipboard is increasingly the one I have been turning to for the most relevant and up to date articles for my needs. So, here’s some tips on how to switch from Zite to Flipboard.

1. Adding Topics

Adding topics you are interested in is pretty straight forward in Flipboard. Simply tap the search bar at the top of the screen and enter some keywords. Topics appear as a selection of words that are surrounded by a rectangle. Tap on the one you are interested in and you will get a preview of the kinds of articles you will see in this topic. If you lie what you see, tap the blue Follow button to add it to your the boards you see when you start the app.

adding topics to flipboard

2. Organizing Topics

The more topics you add, the more interactive tiles you will see when you are on the Flipboard home screen. You may have several pages of boards, so organizing them is worth your time. Thankfully this is easy, because it is basically the same method you use to organize apps on your iPhone or iPad. Press and hold on any topic, then drag it to another space to give it a new home. To move topics between pages, press and hold on the topic, then drag it to the edge of the screen until the page flips over. Then drop it where you want it. You can delete topics you no longer want by pressing and holding on a topic, then tapping the “x” in the corner to delete it.

organize topics in Flipboard

3. Reading Articles

In Zite, your aggregate news feed was called Your Top Stories, but in Flipboard, this is called Cover Stories. To all intents and purposes, I believe that it is pretty much the same thing. You can tap Cover Stories to read about all your chosen topics in one place, or tap one of the topic boards to read something more specific.

cover stories flipboard

4. Rating Articles

To rate stories in Zite and personalize the content you were given, there was a simple thumbs up, thumbs down rating system. Flipboard has an equivalent system to learn your reading preferences, but it is not always as obvious to find. Simply tap the three sliders on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen to reveal the familiar thumbs up and thumbs down.

Photo Dec 14, 10 12 37 AM


5. Adding Social Media Accounts

This is an option that Zite does not offer. If you want to read your favorite social media accounts inside of Flipboard, you can. I have linked my Twitter, Google+ and YouTube accounts. Each one shows up as a live tile on my home screen, but they also appear in Cover Stories among my other topics of interest.

If you are a new user, you will likely be prompted to add these accounts when you first use the app, but if you are coming back to Flipboard or haven’t used it in a while, tap the red ribbon in the top right-hand corner of the home screen, then tap Following. On the far right-hand side you will see a tab labelled Accounts. It is here where you will see a range of accounts you can add to your Flipboard app.

6. Creating Magazines

You may have heard of Flipboard magazines before. You may even have seen some on the web or advertised within the Flipboard app itself, but what are they? Magazines are a way to curate articles on a specific topic that you found while reading Flipboard. Magazines can be private, or they can be public and available for all to view inside of Flipboard or on the web. Jeff Utecht often talks about how schools could use Flipboard’s magazines to create custom textbooks that they can share with students. It’s a nice idea. You can add collaborators to a magazine so that more than one person can add articles to it. This could be a nice way for students to recreate the same kind of thing that you can do with Diigo Groups.

To get started, tap the plus sign on an article in Flipboard that you would like to save to a magazine. Then tap New Magazine and follow the prompts. You can also add articles from the web with the Flipboard extension for Mobile Safari.

add to flipboard magazine

7. Adding RSS Feeds

It’s kind of a hidden feature, but Flipboard also lets you subscribe to your favorite blogs and websites by adding the RSS feed for that site. All you need to do is copy and paste, or type, the RSS feed in Flipboard’s search box. If all goes well, you should see it register as a feed that you can tap on to get a preview of the articles associated with that feed. As before, tap the blue Follow button to add the feed to your other topic boards.

add rss feed flipboard

I’m still finding my way around Flipboard, and Flipboard is still learning what I like to read about, but so far so good. It’s not a like for like replacement compared to Zite, but it is improving all the time. I’m not 100% sold on Flipboard, but I am going to give it a go and see how well it performs over the next couple of weeks or so, and probably compare it alongside another news aggregate competitor – Prismatic – to see which one will work best for me.

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208 thoughts on “How to Switch from Zite to Flipboard”

    1. I have tried and tried with Flipboard and still dislike it. It seems to have about 12 words per page, the chosen articles on any subject seem to be aimed at people who don’t like long words etc etc.
      I am looking for an alternative but I think I may go back to just googling subjects.
      A real shame that the app which sold me on buying a tablet is going.

    2. Forcing happy zite users (I use it daily) to flipboard (I use it once every month or two) is pretty asinine. Zite is easy and intuitive. Flipboard is painful. Slick design over useability. Flip past a story and hang out waiting before you can cancel and flip back. Designers who look down on users as foolish instead of trying to learn from them.

  1. Interestingly enough, I am reading this from Zite and I haven’t had any problems with new information not appearing. Zite is one of my top five apps and I am staying with Zite until they disable it.

      1. I stumbled on Zite and Flipboard at the same time. Zite is clearly the better app so if I were Flipboard, I would shut down Flipboard and continue to develop Zite. Maybe if everyone continues to use Zite they will see that there’s a reason to keep it.

    1. Ha, so am I! I like Zite and there are extra things Zite could do to make it better, but it still works for me. I will keep an eye on Flipboard and see how it changes.

  2. I still use Zite and its a complete shame they’ve chosen to abandon something that works so well. Flipboard just isn’t as good, even with Zite technology built in.

      1. Why not trash Flipboard? Zite really is a lot better. I stopped using Flipboard that has a plasticcy feel and ugly navigation. It saves catch up of the flipboard app and keeps readers happy.

      1. I,too, used Flipboard and Zite. But, I found Zite with more informative articles. I still think Zite is the better of the two. Hutch

  3. Thank you for the article. My experience with Zite is very similar to yours, as I have found many many interesting articles via Zite. I’ve been reluctant to adopt Flipboard, but after your article (found in my top stories in Zite) I will give flipboard another go.


    1. Be interested to hear what you think of it. I’m kind of in limbo right now. Zite is not working very well for me, and I have not trained Flipboard well enough to recognize my interests. I think it will be easier to train Flipboard than to fix Zite.

  4. I have found that Flipboard is not even close to Zite in numerous ways. I don’t know what algorithms are used by each but try a simple test. Enter a subject like “Energy” in Zite, now enter the same category in Flipboard. The results aren’t even close. Flipboard returns all sorts of magazine articles that are dated and usually simply contain the word “Energy” in their headlines. Like “Runners drink water to save energy” (which has nothing to do with energy, as in electricity). Zite on the other hand serves up lots of blogs and everyone of them are spot on the subject matter.
    There are numerous other features that are lacking, from the simple to the complex. Like having to lift your hand to the top left to exit a story compared to being able to sit with your tablet and merely hit exit with your thumb on the bottom left. Like and Dislike, no comparison on ease of use in Zite. I could go on and on.
    I sent Flipboard a critique of their shortcomings after I heard of the buyout, all I got was a canned e-mail back saying yada-yada-yada.
    In summary Flipboard is crapware and can’t tie Zite’s shoes.

    1. They are very different in many ways, of that there is no doubt, and I think that is why people are finding it hard to transition between the two. It will be interesting to see how many Zite users actually transition to Flipboard, and how many use something else.

  5. I too am a great ZITE fan, and I share that people should try it all the time. I don’t care for the interface of Flipboard, way to complicated for this 66 year old man. I too hope that there is a reprieve for ZITE.

  6. The guys from Flipboard told me to wait until a tool to import you Zite account is launched. Meanwhile Zite still works great for me.

    1. I think I heard that too, but my Zite is so messed up that I am not sure I want to transition that data. Maybe I could create a new account and start again before the transition.

  7. Hugely disappointed. I can’t tell you how much I will miss using Zite. After using Zite for the last several years, it has gotten to understand my likes and dislikes like no other app. Not a fan of flipboard at all. Holding on till the end.

  8. You might give Prismatic a try. You can access via iPad app or also on you’re MacBook. Somewhat similar to Zite. I too am sad that Zite is going away, one of my fav apps. πŸ˜₯

  9. I entirely gave up Zite and only used Flipboard for a month. Sorry but Flipboard sucks, if they abandon Zite I’ll use Pulse. It’s not as good as Zite but in my opinion it’s better than Flipboard.

    1. I need to try Pulse again. I tried it a while ago. I used it for about a week, but kept going back to Zite for what I really wanted to read about. Pulse was too mainstream for me. One of the things I like about Zite is that it will give me relevant stories from blogs or websites I might never have heard of before.

      1. Exactly … “… have never heard of before. ” I use Zite “raw” i.e. no input from me. In the last year it has expanded my world to include many topics I hadn’t known about. The last thing I want is to choose topics/sources for myself, or depend on my friends’ equally narrow interests.

      2. Zite is still working for me most of the time. I love this app and use it multiple times a day. Flipboard leaves me cold. I agree that it’s too mainstream. Love the blogs and voices I can’t easily access any other way. I’ll be here til the end. Hope all these loyal users will change this decision. Meanwhile I’ll take a look at Pulse.

  10. Ironic that I read your fine note from…Zite. It’s my favorite “news” app, hitting a balance between true hourly news and long term articles like in the Atlantic. I share everybody’s disappointment that Zite is still slated to disappear. Every so often I try Flipboard and it just doesn’t do anything for me…it wants to vacuum all my social media, news, and whatnot into a single feed and that isn’t what I want.

    1. Agreed. I like the option of having the social media accounts in Flipbaord, but I don’t really want them showing up in Cover Stories. If I want to read my social media in Flipboard, I can tap the tile and do that. I would love the option to disable social media feeds in Cover Stories.

  11. Zite has been my number one app for ages now. I hope Flipboard read this article and decide it is worth keeping around. I hate it when good apps get bought and discontinued because they were superior in nature and therefore a competitive threat.

  12. My ZITE account got messed up as well. When I heard Flipboard had bought ZITE, I deleted it and recreated a new account with some small changes. I’m hanging on to it until forced to give it up. I’ve had Flipboard too, for some time. I only use it for “breaking news” as I found it had more coverage than ZITE . Flipboard is much harder to navigate than ZITE. I’m going to right now.

  13. I’m in the same boat as everyone else. Have been using Zite for years, tried flipboard years ago, hated it and went right back to Zite, which I visit daily. I will check out Prismatic, but I’m pretty bummed to hear this news. πŸ™

    Also, found this on Zite!!!

  14. Figures that Windows phone does not have Flipboard, Pulse or Prismatic apps. They do have Zite and it is still running great, for now! Anyone have any Windows phone news app recommendations?

  15. I am reading this from Zite as well, it’s been my favourite app since the iphone 4.

    I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to switch away from it. Flipboard is visually better, but not even close in terms of its recommendation algorithm.



  16. I’ve used Flipboard on and off as they’ve announce upgrades. Never really cared for it. Now they want me to create an account before I can use it. Not gonna happen. I’ve deleted the app from my iPad.

    Thanks for the tip about Prismatic. I guess I’ll check them out as well.

  17. Flipboard, if you’re reading this, you’re making a HUGE mistake if you kill off Zite. You’re losing me, and it sounds like, pretty much everyone else here. We’re not transitioning over to Flipboard. You’ve got a product we love, use daily and are extremely loyal to. Please don’t screw it up.

  18. No thanks Flipboard! Once Zite is gone, I will use some other app. Someone will stand to make a fortune by creating a Zite-like app, with better integral browsing and a Windows version. I’ve installed and tried Flipboard, and it’s just not what I want or need. Despite it’s shortcomings, Zite is my most used app. I will be sad to see it go.

    1. Yes, I too would like to see a true cross platform version of Zite. Something you can read on any device and have it sync to your account to show what you have read on other devices. I know Zite did that with Android, but a web version would have been great too.

  19. “increasingly irrelevant”– ditto that. Wholeheartedly disappointed. I always praised zite over flipboard. now i’ll be forced to migrate. Sad moment.

  20. Zite has long been my favorite app–I have no complaints about it. I’ve tried other similar apps, including Flipboard, and none compare, and Flipboard just does not work for me the way that Zite does. I wish some other party would buy and continue Zite.

  21. I too use Zite every day as one of my most favourite three apps, along with BBC and ABC news. Nothing compares with it. I’ve learned so much during the last year from the wide, varied material it gathers. Thank you for the article about how to transition to Flipboard, but I’ve tried it before and it’s miles behind. I’m going to stay with Zite until the last day it works.

  22. ITS almost criminal to kill Zite! Flipboard aquired it but FB is not half As good! There Should be a punishment to compagnies that aquire other compagnies with the sole purpose to kill it!

    1. Sadly this is their prerogative. They have said that they are looking to make it an easy transition for Zite users, so I guess we will have to wait and see what that looks like.

  23. I started with Flipboard – didn’t like it – moved to ZITE which has been a great experience. What a shame that there will always be those who insist on making the decision about what we use for us. Time to dump Zite and not bother moving to flipboard

  24. Every day I use Zite in bed until I am too tired to continue. Each day I discover articles that I would have never have found anywhere else and certainly on Flipboard. Every day I am so happy that Zite is still up and running. Every day is tell myself that it cannot be otherwise. The world would be way too sad without Zite. Long live Zite.

  25. So sad! I have been using Zite for years. I use Flipboard for Twitter and CNN. I prefer Zite. I tried Pulse, but returned to Zite.

  26. Echoing oh so many folks here. I love Zite. I recommended it to many of my friends, who also love it. When I read the news about the buyout, I installed Flipboard, and invested some time in setting it up. It’s inferior, in many ways. Such as, if I had read this article on Flipboard, I wouldn’t see these comments, because Flipboard doesn’t pass along the comments sections on articles. As others have mentioned here, Flipboard is terrible with updates. I have Zite topics for Finland, for example. I see a dozen new articles in Zite on afinland every day. On Flipboard i see one or two, maybe. And on the third page of my Finland feed on Flipboard I see articles from August, that are months old. On Zite I curate many articles every day to my Evernote folders. I can’t connect my Evernote account to Flipboard. I’ve emailed Flipboard support about all of these issues, they don’t seem to care. Rather they are of the mind that someday I’ll learn to like Flipboard. Suffice to say I read Zite every day, and Flipboard only occasionally. I’ll hang on to Zite until it has breathed its last. Ow I’m going to try Prismatic, and Pulse.

      1. My wife (another big Zite fan) and I downloaded Prismatic yesterday, and we’ve been trying it out. Our first impressions are that it’s better in many ways than Flipboard, but not up to Zite in usability and function. Here’s the email I sent Prismatic support (very difficult to figure out how to contact them):

        Dear Prismatic, I am a long time Zite user, and lover. I am preparing for the day that Flipboard kills Zite, and I detest Flipboard. So I’ve downloaded Prismatic, and started to use it.

        I like the look and feel. Customizing it takes some getting used to, and my home page seems chaotic. I’d like to be able to select the order that topics appear on my home page. It feels very random, which leaves me scrolling up and down. I like the way Zite organizes Top Stories much better, it would be nice if we could set up something similar in Prismatic.

        I’m an ipad user, and really like to use landscape mode when I’m reading at the breakfast table. I can’t figure out how to set Prismatic to use landscape mode, I hope it’s not disabled. That type of flexibility is why we love ios devices.

        Also, I really enjoy reading the comments sections on articles. Flipboard made a corporate decision to disable access to the original article’s comments section, in an attempt to create their own comments community. Which is empty, no one comments on Flipboard. It’s one of the reasons I dislike Flipboard so much. Prismatic seems to be making the same mistake, I hope you will rethink that.

        It’s great that I can get to my Prismatic home page from work (Windows desktop). The lack of desktop browser support is a serious shortcoming of Zite and Flipboard.

        Glad to see you support Evernote and Google+. Your main focus seems to be on Facebook and Twitter, neither of which I use (I abandoned them a couple of years ago). I hope you don’t invest too much in Facebook or Twitter integration.

        You guys already probably know this, but there are thousands and thousands of Zite users who are looking for a place to land. Flipboard ain’t it. Prismatic has a shot at it, but you have a ways to go to be as good as Zite. I really hope you get there.

        Good luck!


        1. Thanks for sharing your letter with us. I don’t know if anyone will be able to fill Zite’s shoes or not, but time will tell. Seems like there is an opportunity for someone if Flipboard don’t change their mind.

      2. Okay, enough wrestling with Prismatic. Too sloppy, too much scrolling to find anything, too much lack of control and organization. Now I’m trying news360.

  27. How’s that?! No way to make a living out of Zite?
    This was the only reason why I kept my iZite all these years.
    No one works for free here, it seems…

  28. Totally agree with flopbored hate. Site was uncanny in its ability to pick my interests. Flopbored is a mess. A bit of Zite…..a bit of the former mess that was flipboard.

    Very bad mistake.

  29. Another difference is that Zite allows blocking sources, in my case Fox News for example, while Flipboard only down ranks the topic. I may want to continue reading about a specific topic, just not from A source I don’t trust.

  30. Well Jonathan, if you want some direct input from one that has used both platforms extensively, don’t waste too much of your time on Flipgoard. Zite was a throphy buy. It WILL get trashed and discarded. Much to MANY users dismay.

  31. Please keep zite. It’s excellent and easy to use.. Why get rid of something that’s so good. Surely you must realise the mistake you are making.

  32. Great article explaining how to use Flipboard so it is a little like Zite.

    I also have noticed the problems with Zite not updating and relevancy recently to and have been using Flipboard on and off.

    Flipboard need to do two things to keep Zite users happy.

    1. Incorporate Zite features into Flipboard. Import over our Zite settings into a Flipboard magazine.

    2. Explain how Flipboard can be used in equivalent fashion as Zite.

    Else when they switch off Zite they will disenfranchise all the regular Zite users. Who will not move to Flipboard but rather go else where.

    Since Flipboard purchased Zite for its technology, user base and of coarse to kill off a competitor. They will end up losing a lot of the value of their purchase if they don’t start listening to Zite users.

    Like many Zite users I am more likely to not use Flipboard simple cause they killed off my favourite app.

    So I hope they listen. I like Flipboard to incorporate a Zite into Flipboard.

    I myself keep looking for an alternatives and the fact Flipboard doesn’t fill the void. Means someone will come along and be a replacement for Zite.

    I hope that day is soon then later.

    To the former Zite board big mistake. You seriously had a better platform then Flipboard but sold out. I only hope one of you shows some remorse and creates a new startup as replacement for Zite cause Flipboard aren’t even close.

    Here wishing Zite can be saved.

  33. I have read enough here to never try Flipboard. I will wait until someone comes up with something very similar. Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken !!!!!

  34. Thanks for the tip on Prismatic I am trying this now definitely looks promising.

    Tried the link to save Zite but didn’t work.

  35. I check Zite multiple times every day. I always find both new and interesting stories. I’ve tried FB several times over the years and it’s just not Zite. Keep Zite!

  36. To work flip board needs

    1) block source
    2) Clearly marked thumbs up and down
    3) less mainstream curation

    I hate it as it is and yes my Zite is also far less effective as they obviously trash it.

    The Zite guys are sellouts in my view

    1. I believe that Zite was owned by CNN before it was acquired by Flipboard, but I could be wrong. Maybe it was just something that was no longer part of their mobile strategy. At the end of the day, money talks.

  37. I found zite less appealing to a degree when they increased their image size some time ago – which frequently has nothing to do with the article. More articles per page allows more efficient scanning and mostly images don’t help – it’s just eye bloat. Lately they insert large ads into articles they are able to format but for the majority of articles they just pull the full sized article web site. The download request that zite makes leaves the website to believe it needs to send the “full screen” version so another share to a web browser is required to get a phone size format – several more steps than should be needed. Any sharing with zite always uses a web link that doesn’t even include the article subject in the title – so share to a browser and share to your favorite source (like evernote or in my case email address used just for saving articles). If I share from zite to an email addres I get a list of emails with no subject and all contents are a just a link which reveals nothing about the article I might like to look up later.

    I’ve started configuring up flipboard several days ago but the eye-bloat is orders of magnitude greater than zite. To see the title of each article requires another finger stroke almost every time so no list of articles available. Scanning, using, and reading stuff takes way longer than just scrolling the list in zite. The list of inefficiencies are large between zite and the downgrade to flipboard (and zite could use many improvements). It’s like flipboard is going out of it’s way to be as inefficient as possible when using screen space and scanning/finding interesting material. Their only redeeming value is being able to have an expanded list of interests which few news aggregators offer. I might even go with google news if they weren’t so limiting on interest choices but then google has no learning capability and flipboard is seriously limited there as well.

  38. I gave Flipboard a try to see what I might be in for. UGH, what a flaming hot mess. I deleted the app and will go down with the Zite ship. Get thee away, Flipboard, I will have no more of thee.

    Zite is my favorite, most-used app. I’m also hoping for a last-minute reprieve.

  39. I absolutely loved Zite and have used it many hours a day for years and years. I do not like Flipboard. Killing Zite is a huge mistake.

    Or maybe I’m just afraid. Once Zite is gone, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my spare time. I’ll read far less, discover far less new info, and be far less educated than when I used Zite.

    Farewell, find friend.

  40. It seems to me we Ziters are screwed … big time. It’s the new Golden Rule in action: “He who has the gold makes the rules.” For now, Flipbook has the gold. Zite was a class act. I mourn the loss along with the rest of you. Farewell, dear friend. You were one of the best information sources of the digital age.

  41. Zite is by far the superior product. If they discontinue Zite it will be a great loss for the avid users like myself. I don’t see Flipboard taking its place. Someone else will take the initiative to produce something like Zite and it will again be the go to source of info.

  42. I am afraid Prismatic doesn’t make a replacement for Zite either. On face value it does look promising.

    It has thumbs up and down like Zite but that is where the similarities end. It is more about data collection then your own choice to filter sources and topics.

    It is All seperate topic streams which makes it difficult to navigate as a single stream. Where as Zite is altogether or easier to navigate to a individual topic.

    Prismatic seems to be my a social Facebook or Twitter app to see what your friends are interested in.

    So will keep looking for a alternative before Flipboard closes Zite down. But looking pretty bleak.

  43. I found Flipboard first and thought it was great until I found ZITE and now it is my top app. I am very sorry to think that Flipboard will replace ZITE, for it is such an inferior site. The Flipboard people could learn so much from ZITE.

  44. I use Zite for 1-2 hours EVERY DAY. It is the best app offered in all Appledom. Getting rid of it is stupid and infuriating. I pledge not to even look at Flipboard if they disable Zite.

  45. im another user who is gutted that Zite is going to be no longer! I love the app, I use it every night before bed to relax.

    Flipboard has the opposite affect. I just can not get on with it, and the content is nowhere near as interesting as Zite! I also can not stand having to flip every 2 seconds! Grrrrrr

    I will miss you Zite, what a horrible decision by the makers.

  46. Flipboard is partdof the suite of apps on my phone and I have tried to honestly use it and I just don’t like it. I use Zite and love it. I have tried feedly and I don’t really like the interface as it is like flipboard. I am all for signing a petition. I have built up an e-stack on delicious from Zite for my IB students.

  47. I’m hopeful that Zite tech makes Flipboard better. But I really hope they provide something that migrates all the keywords and preferences I’ve taught Zite over time. That’s the magic that feeds their algorithm and if I lose that I simply don’t want to re-teach Flipboard all my likes and keywords.

  48. I agree wholeheartedly with one exception. Zite does what it does better than anybody. But I get frustrated when I can’t increase font size on my phone. Sometimes I see what appears to be a great article, but I can’t read it on my retina screen.

    I’ve been playing with feedly as an alternative, but it’s not Zite by any means. RM

      1. You remember correctly. In the meantime I’ve taken the liberty to tweet this to @zite and @flipboard. I suggest others do the same. Let’s try to get their attention.

  49. Kind of like getting rid of Coca-Cola and bringing in New Coke. What a failure! This will be, too. I would venture to say that the people who do like Flipboard haven’t tried Zite, whereas most Zite users have tried something else based on the rumors of it shutting down.
    Sad that we won’t be heard. Never are…..

  50. Flipboard still doesn’t allow me to highlight a word in one of those ‘flippable’ articles and ‘define’ the meaning. That, to me, is a dealbuster.

  51. I just opened Zite and read your article. I cannot believe it. Zite is my go to app. So many varied articles. I will see if the other apps referred to will do the trick and will keep using Zite until the bitter end.

  52. Although Yank oriented I just love Zite and the mine of useful info it provides. I use it as a dropping off to sleep tool (like right now)
    Anyone from Zite out there listening to all these comments?

  53. …oh yes and I also save all the best gems and nuggets to Pocket for those moments when you want to show stuff you’ve learned to others.

  54. I’m borderline devastated to be hearing for the first time today that ZITE is going away. It has been by far my favorite app for a long time. Not a night goes by that I dont read it until my ipad falls on my face.

    The Flipboard team is making an epic mistake. Really an unbelievable error in judgement by blindly sticking with their far inferior product.

    I’m begging the decision makers to look at it objectively and do the right thing.

  55. You should’ve included a poll here… Zite or Flipboard… and link this article to the whole team of Flipboard just in case they are wondering how we feel about their app.

    Skeuomorphism is long dead since iOS 7. Flipping page animation sucks!

    I’m never going to remove Zite from my iOS devices… Long live Zite forever!

    1. A poll would have been a great idea, but after reading these comments I can see where the feeling lies. Maybe I will add one.

      FYI, I have sent this post to the Flipboard Community Manager to see if I can get any comment from them.

  56. Extraordinarily short-sighted to let Zite die. I rely on the ability to save articles to Evernote, and losing that is a major blow. I love Zite and spend significant time every day exploring in it. It is Pandora for articles. So very sad. The last time a mistake of this magnitude was made, it was the demise of MORE on the old Mac.

  57. It will be a great loss when Zite disappears. I’ve tried getting comfortable with Flipboard, but it is not going well. Really too bad to kill a good app.

  58. I agree with those who love Zite. Flip board is ok, but it was Zite which had the qualities to keep me returning each day. I will stay until the site is closed down.

  59. i used FlipBoard before and after Zite a bit and while its a nice “magazine” style app it’s totally not something I desire to really use. Zite, well it’s one of my favorite apps and a I use almost an hour a day! It’s still work great for me and will be pissed the day it’s shut down.

  60. ZITE is the best, period. I have never understood this and will actually boycott FlipBoard if they just do not have the sense to crumble the best app ever for iPad.

  61. 1. Zite
    4. Pulse
    10. Flipboard

    What a real disappointment that Zite will go when it is clearly the best app in this genre.

  62. Zite is the reason many people bought an iPad. Killing it is a grave error.

    Why not give it a reprieve by adding adverts into the content like Flipboard has? It would then generate income and keep millions of its users happy.

  63. Zite is my fav! My only problem was my equip was out dated. With new iPad Air I enjoy Zite as before! I have Flipboard as well am am not happy with it ! Yesterday looked for new recipe and got several pages of Thanksgiving suggestions . On Dec 19 !!!! Everything in Zite is great. Will be lost without it ! How can it be saved ?

  64. these comments are 100% in favor of keeping zite. Flipboard is terrible to navigate. I have given it a fair chance and I will not go back. News360 isn’t zite but will have to do. I have suggested zite to friends and they all love it. I’ve used zite more than any other app and would gladly pay for it if zite could be saved from extinction.. What a huge mistake. Shame.

  65. Thanks for this article. Ironically, I came upon it thanks to Zite.

    Zite has been *the* app for me, on iPad. When I started considering the switch from iPhone to Android, my first worry was “is there Zite on it?”.

    Flipboard already announced the inclusion of Zite technology on their app but I still see no sign of them recapturing Zite’s magic. Just quoting your feature, here, there’s no denying that the simple “thumb up/thumb down” mechanism is seriously messed up and more complicated in Flipboard.

    I also echo several others in saying that Zite excels at suggesting little known blogs, with often very interesting content. For all my years of using it I have tried to spread the word as much as possible. Flipboard is, when compared to Zite, most definitely the victory of form over substance.

    I am *all* for starting and trying to raise awareness for it. I would like to contribute some money to see this happen. Zite has given me so much, for free, in the past few years that I’d really hate to see it going without a fight.

  66. Sad that the flipboard folks have to wreck/destroy then make to disappear something that clearly a superior app/site. My wife and I will remain on Zite until they shut it down! We have no intention to ever use Or going back to flipboard! Shame on you flipboard !

  67. I suggest that EVERYONE here, that are clearly in favor of keeping zite…DELETE FLIPBOARD

    I did. Liberating.


  68. We all need to email here: and voice our concerns. I just did, and although it may not make a difference, I feel a little better in knowing that I didn’t just stand idly by and watch one of the best iPad apps ever just go off into the sunset !

      1. I emailed both the info and community addresses. I expressed willingness to pay a subscription price to keep on using Zite.

  69. Before I became a teacher, I worked in high tech, in various business development and marketing jobs. This is such an interesting opportunity, not for Flipboard, but for an investor or a 3rd party. Look at what you have here, in Zite. Very cool tech, a media model that attracts passionate customers, promoted entirely by word of mouth. Imagine how well Zite could do if you figured out the business model. I coiuld see a couple of possibilities.

    Perhaps the nytimes could buy Zite and package it as their user front end. The nyt just laid off another 100 this week. Their efforts to become a 21st century media company have been painful, and clumsy. I long ago dropped the print edition, and am about to drop my online subscription (nothing is more painful than having to go to Spple’s newstand to open today’s paper, I haven’t read my nyt subscription in months). How cool would it be to open Zite and have the NYT daily edition as a section right up top, along with everything else Zite provides? Beats watching the grey lady slowly become the grey corpse…

    Or, sell ads. Tried but true, I’m surprised Zite didn’t work that out before selling itself to Flipboard.

    Or, sell subscriptions. I’ve been paying $4.99 a month for the nyt, and hardly opening it these past few months. What would each of us here pay for a Zite premium subscription?

  70. Of the three Zite alternatives I’ve tried in the past couple of days, News360 is by far the best. I jst deleted Flipboard and Prismatic. If and when Zite fades, I think I’ll be happy with News360 as an alternative. Thanks for the tips!

  71. I just finished reading all of the comments in this heartbreaking article and I also need my voice heard about Zite. It’s a shame that such an amazing app is going the way of the dodo simply because the competition can’t compete with it. I really wish Flipboard kept their hands off of it!

    Zite is hands down my most used app on my iPhone 6 Plus. I’m a long time user of the app and it’s exposed me to such a wide variety of incredible and informative articles I wouldn’t have discovered anywhere else that I’ve dedicated my personal Twitter account with a ton of retweets to a bunch of them! Even now, I’m still finding interesting articles and topics on Zite, saving the most useful ones onto my pocket account, and tweeting the best articles I’ve found to everyone on Twitter (@edyhernandez690)!

    I’ve tried Flipboard in the past before I discovered Zite and it just wasn’t as useful, intuitive or informative as Zite. I’m very disappointed Zite is on its way to the graveyard but just as everyone else in the comments section has clearly said, I’m sticking with Zite until the cold, bitter end.

    I’d love to do anything to help out and I really like the idea of starting a savezite website as a last ditch effort from losing one of the best apps around. I’m a web developer and I’d love to contribute or help build the site out with all of your support!

    In the meantime, I’ll be Ziting it up on my smartphone for hours everyday until death do us part. Flipboard will be receiving a very stern letter from me! Long live Zite! πŸ™‚

  72. I read your blog note. I sent a note to flipboard sharing my displeasure with the impending loss of zite. I found news360. I will use that should zite stop working. It zite like. Flipboard is not zite.

  73. I’m a big time Zite user since the very first version and I have spent a significant amount of time looking for a decent alternative. Flipboard is a joke with it’s ridiculous UI, so I ruled that one out pretty quickly.

    For me the one app which comes closest to Zite is News360. The developers are very open to new ideas and suggestions, which is a positive. After my first test I wrote a lengthy email with all my suggestions to improve the app and they ended up putting one or two of my points in the next bigger release. I think they realised that they are in a unique position to catch some of the former Zite users and are constantly working on their app.

    Still prefer the Zite interface and UI design overall.

  74. When Zite is no more I will cook, do chores, run errands, make friends and pet my cats. I love Zite and spend hours on it every day. Disappointed about Flipboard. Had assumed it would be as great as Zite. Dumb me !

  75. Just got this back from the people at FlipBoard:

    Bettie, Community Support Manager | December 21, 2014 | 18:48 -0700

    Thanks for your email. Just wanted to let you know that we love Zite, too! Also, Zite should still be up and running, for now. I will pass on your feedback to the relevant team here at Flipboard. Have a good weekend!

    I feel that if we all voice our concerns it may at least give Zite a small stay of execution.

  76. Zite is dead, love live Zite!!!!

    Flipboard is clearly inferior to the rawness of Zite. Flipboard UI drives me insane. Flipboard folks need to realize that they have a plethora of faithful users that are not ready to change over to flipboard. Check out the poll results.

    Zite will continue to be the most used app on my iPhone until they push me away to another company (ie I am not going to use flipboard as my news aggregator).

  77. I have loded up News360, and as many have noted it may be a good replacement for Zite. That is not to say it is a clone of Zite. There are some interesting features that it has that are welcome additions, and some glaring omissions.


    – reads similarly to Zite
    – lots of topics to choose from
    – has a link in the top right of each article linking to other articles on the same topic
    – allows to give more detailed reasons for thumbs downing an article. Can down the team and not the city for instance
    – Has a windows interface, and a web interface

    – does not seem to indicate read articles. Love that on Zite
    – missing a lot of categories and sources I use, with no way to add them directly (Zite was finally getting good at HAM Radio)
    – cannot add news feeds directly (at least that I have found)
    – Not certain on this, but seems to omit discussions after articles

    If they keep working on some of those shortcomings, I think they will not only be a viable replacement, but have the potential to become a superior reader to Zite.

  78. Zite is BY FAR my number one app. I use it several time each day. Is there any way Zite can remain? PLEASE don’t let it die!!!!!

  79. A sad day when Zite disappears from the Ether.
    My wife and I both rely on it – it’s entertaining and educational and well designed.
    I’ve persevered with flipboard but it’s nowhere as good, Pulse is OK but limited, Random is fun but offers no control and the next most useful to Zite for me is News Republic.
    I guess I’d better give Prismatic a road test …..

  80. I’ve been using Zite now for a few years and absolutely love it! It’s easy to use and has interesting news stories on my personal interests! I am extremely disappointed to learn it’s probably closing😒

  81. This is an email I’ve sent FlipBoard a while back regarding Zite and why Flipboard doesn’t work for me currently. They were awesome! Even sent me a bunch of Flipboard stickers and… A zite t-shirt! So atleast there’s that. Flipboard itself didn’t change much since then, for me atleast. Untill they remove the stupid column based layout I won’t ever switch.
    Email below the line
    Hey guys,

    I was sorry to read regarding the fact you are going to close Zite after purchase, and while Flipboard maybe the leader in content curating, it has some stuff that bugs the hell out of me.

    1) Columns and pages – when you first released Flipboard it was awe-inspiring. like look what those guys can do on the iPad. Ipad has grows since then, but flipboard stayed basically the same, splitting content in pages is annoying in the least, and sites that do it sometimes offer a way to see all of the pages in one page. You should at least consider allowing one-page as an opt in in settings.

    Columns are nice when the length of the page is unknown, to prevent looooooong lines like in websites (flexible width ones) and in news papers. On smaller screens though, like the ipad mini, with increased a bit text, columns in Flipboard sometimes have as little as 4 words, and reading a long article 4 words at a time is tiresome to the eyes. With reading enhancements like spritz text and others, making you not move your eyes at all, seems like reading in Flipboard is tiresome after 1 page of 2 columns.

    2) Line height in preview : For some reason (I’m on the iPad mini retina) the line height of the text in article previews, is different (and bigger) then in the article itself. And this makes the article thumbnail spread look weird. It’s MUCH better on the web version.

    3) Sharing – while you guys have added a bunch of options to save and share content, Buffer is becoming a de-facto standard of multiple sharing, with features like scheduling, multiple accounts, and short url customization. I would LOVE seeing buffer integration in Flipboard (and I would have loved it in zite). Feedly and Pocket have awesome buffer integrations and you guys should have them as well

    4) Gestures – Using the ipad mini, one hand or two, the gestures just don’t feel natural on Flipboard. While in Zite I could swipe from the left side of the screen to go back to the list of articles, without moving my hand or changing the grip, in Flipboard It’s impossible! I have to bring another hand it, and fish for the little corner, or try my luck with the pinch out gesture which is in consistent in it’s behavior across the app.

    5) Popular on Zite – Since guys at Zite introduced this feature, it was my goto place when I open Zite every morning. I struggled to find something like this in Flipboard and I would love to see this getting imported to Flipboard ASAP.

    6) Liking / Disliking content – Zite was awesome first and foremost because of this. They recommendation engine learned me not only by what I picked as my sources , but because I taught it what I like and dislike. I can’t for the life of me find a way to tell Flipboard that I dislike that “Kanye and Kim” story in the midst of my technology feed

    7) Content picking. – In zite I could connect my twitter, Facebook and other sourced and zite would figure out what I like form that. And I could add interests. It seems that in Flipboard everything is “sources” based rather then “Interests” based. For instance I love to read about CSS and HTML, in zite those were my “interests”. In Flipboard it’s hard to understand that this also works, but only when you “search” for an interest you get the articles tagged with “CSS”, it’s not apparent from the interest choosing screen and is not part of the initial on-boarding.

    In short, I LOVE zite, use it everyday, and am a huge evangelist of it to everybody I know. I would LOVE to see some comments on the above and some of it making it’s way to Flipboard to make it better to use everyday when Zite finally shuts down.

  82. Zite is indeed an excellent product – one of the very best apps I’ve ever come across for the iPhone, and one of the few I’ve come to see as essential, I use it every single day. The comments in this article are actually reassuring, proving that it’s not just me who thinks so. Luckily it continues to function – at least for now. I agree entirely that Flipboard isn’t even close to Zite, but from my minimal interaction with the Zite developers, it did seem little more than just a hobby product, lacking some simple functionality which should have been added in. At the same time, the simple function to dislike articles is vital, meaning that complete garbage (and I’m thinking particularly of anything with a ‘Business Insider’ label on it here) can be at least voted down. It’s no doubt significant of the company’s very different aims hat Flipboard hasn’t got this (at least the last time I looked!).

    It’s sad that Zite had to sellout to a more commercially orientated, presumably richer operation, but that’s the way of the world. Equally, with so many fans who clearly appreciate the strengths of the product, we can only hope that someone else comes along to fill this new gap in the market.

    I saw this article purely because I assumed I’d have no choice but to look for a Zite alternative. Now, especially having read the comments, I feel a strong incentive to actively boycott Flipboard until something more Zite-like appears. Now they’ve got the cash, and once the non-competition clause lapses, maybe the Zite developers should look at a similar project once more?

  83. Ok, I wrote yesterday the following:

    “I urge you to reconsider your decision of killing off Zite.

    Flipboard caters to a different audience. I’d be more than willing to pay a subscription fee to keep on using Zite.

    Thanks for your attention,”

    Today I received the following reply:

    “We’re still working on fully integrating some Zite features into Flipboard. We also plan to keep the Zite service up and available until a migration feature is available to all Zite users.

    If you would like to provide us more specific feedback on how we can improve the Flipboard experience, please let us know and we will pass it along to the appropriate team.

    Thanks for your patience and Happy Holidays!”

  84. I have been reading ZITE every day for two year and I don’t know if I can bear to lose it. Flipboard is pale by comparison and very difficult to get through each day… I usually get neared and stop within ten minutes.
    Please keep ZITE! It is the best news experience on the Web, Dr, S. Robert Davidoff, DMD, FACP

  85. I’ve been working way too hard for far too long to figure out how to get on Flipboard what I had on Zite and I’m still not close. I’m a software developer and a web developer and this is not a good product. This is way over-designed and over-thought.

    1. Perfectly expressed Duane. I’m another who would also pay a subscription to ZITE. It’s simplicity is superb. As of April 2015 Flipboard still isn’t coming close.

  86. On the iPhone Flipboard app I don’t see a way to get to “Cover Stories” — so my choice is THEIR feed (Daily whatever) or the individual tiles. There’s no aggregate of MY choices. Please let me know if I’m wrong!

    1. The Home feed on the iPhone is the equivalent of Cover Stories on the iPad. If you flick through the Home feed you will see stories from all the topics or magazines you subscribe to. I hope that helps πŸ™‚

  87. I just sent the following to Flipboard support.

    “I’ll try my best not to write an angry e-mail, but I have to say that the migration to Flipboard is a serious let down.

    I’ll briefly touch the subject of user experience, because I understand that’s subjective. I feel Flipboard tends to waste space trying to make beautiful something that should be useful, wasting my time and my screen space. I didn’t buy a 5.7” smartphone to look at a single image just bigger, the extra space should be used to display more content, at least find a better balance between looks and usefulness.

    Let’s talk about content, though, because this is where it gets ugly. I migrated my account, following instructions. I completely “cleaned” my Flipboard account previously (it was populated with just a sample of topics, from back when I tried it and decided Zite was better for me).

    I waited 24 hours and then went to Flipboard and I got… what did I get? The same topics? That might be. But it most definitely was NOT the same content I was getting on Zite when opening the two apps side by side.

    I wrote to Flipboard twitter support account and got told that it was expected behaviour.

    Now, wait a minute. You took a year and a half to migrate my topics? The magic of Zite was content, not topics. Zerohedge was on Zite, it’s not even an available source on Flipboard. And no, I’m not wearing tinfoil hats or anything, just that Flipboard smells of political decisions from a mile.

    My feed, on Flipboard, was *inundated* with content related to the upcoming presidential elections, most devoted to Donald Trump. I thumbed down for two days and still it’s not going away.

    I open Zite and I find a richness of sources that it’s unmatched by Zite. And yet I migrated my account, allowing you to use *everything* in my history with Zite to offer me the best experience on Flipboard.

    What a serious let down.

    Now I dread the day you’ll close down Zite (and the lack of updates has already been impacting for a long time). For the nothing it’s worth, know that you’ll lose a customer if the migration will stick the way it currently is.”

    1. I agree. I struggled with Flipboard. I looked forward to the migration. Not happy with migration results. Deleted Zite App and reinstalled it. Flipboard may be quite popular but it doesn’t measure up to Zite. I’ve been experimenting with the News Republic App and think I’ll turn to it when Zite ceases to work.

  88. I find a bit of pleasure every time I give a thumbs down to the “you can now migrate your Zite to Flipboard.” Sometimes I close Zite and then open it right away just so I can give another thumbs down. Juvenile, I know. I’m in total denial.

  89. I Fully agree with you all, Zite was my time killer for the day to look at interesting articles and learn about things I did not know. Flipboard seems to give me same articals no matter how many times I thumbs them down.
    So lame, only app i truly loved. Just my luck.

    Lets make shirts.
    Long live Zite.
    Flipboard with a big circle and cross through it.

      1. “Maybe just the migration tool is turned off in December.”

        If only. But… no. πŸ™

        The message changed tonight. Now it says:

        Be sure to migrate your Zite to Flipboard before Zite is turned OFF on 12/7

        And so, my friends, that is the end of that. Or, as FlipBird would say – Happy Holidays!

        1. A real loss. But personally perhaps it’s for the better for I expect to spend far less time on this app with the dumb name and identical initials to the accursed Facebook. Surely Flipboard would have been wiser to kill itself off and build on the marvelous Zite.

  90. The big problem from my POV is presentation. Zite displays half a dozen articles at a time, easy to scroll and choose. FB makes it slower to scan for the articles you want to read. It will be a big wrench to lose Zite, the best app on my phone.

  91. December 7th really is a sad day in history, isn’t it. I’ve really been tweeking apple news to try to get it to work, but nothing will replace Zite. I migrated my Zite to Flipboard but it’s still just Flipboard. I would pay well for an app like Zite. I will miss Zite and judging by all the responses here so will many others πŸ™

  92. it’s now Dec 7th… my Zite is still running, but i’m not holding my breath.
    my favorite app BY FAR is about to die cause of a merger that turned out to SUCK!

    If i had the resources and knowledge to rebuild an app, i’d make a new version of my own
    Aside from Flipboard, does anyone have alternatives, cause try and try as i may, Flipboard just keeps falling SO short of the Zite interface, content, functionality..

    i’m open to suggestions!

    1. Same hereβ€”I have tried to accept Flipboard, but I just don’t like the way it functions. I have been using Apple’s News app, which is no Zite but it’s much better than FB. I emailed FB about my preference for Zite but they never replied.

      1. i can’t imagine they’d ever reply to something like that. that would mean they’ve have to concede they made a mistake or that Flipboard is just simply an inferior product.

        that said, i continue to seek an alternative, and much like yourself, i’ve been using the built in Apple news reader. I’m just stunned they have one of the better solutions going right now honestly.

        again, it’s all a shame Zite sold out and died πŸ™

    2. I’ve been using Flipboard for the past six weeks every day and also am still using Zite. My conclusion after six weeks: Zite is better, especially in the content area. I click through to articles far, far more in the content Zite shows me. I can’t seem to get FB to understand what I like even after doing the so-called migration.

  93. I really wish like most others here to revive and keep Zite alive. It really was my go to news and content curator app for the past years. Loved the simplicity and easy to read and export options. Content is much superior as many has pointed out and for me, one of the greatest like for Zite is that it comes in a finite list; so as to allow me to catch up on interesting content which I missed and call it a night, and not a long infinite list of less relevant content which I have to keep flipping past.

    1. It would be nice to know that the curators at Zite are getting absorbed into Flipboard in influential positions. What are the odds? There’s some real talent there.

  94. I started out using Flipboard briefly, discovered Zite and was hooked from minute 1. Now I’m forced back to Flipboard … and I do not like it … Period!
    Zite just does a far better job in presenting the news you desire. IS there anyway we can get Zite back?

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