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  1. Is there a fix for this?

    I am using iPad with chrome browser. In the past, when you selected SHARE from the menu at the far right side of the browser one of the choices was to share using Gmail. Sometime in the last few iOS updates, this feature no longer appears. The available choices are to share via Mail (Apple), messaging, Evernote, LinkedIn, etc.

    I have researched quite a bit, but didn’t find this issue being raised let alone answered. Hope you or readers can provide some insight for a workaround.


    1. I have a feeling that option will return. Until then, try the process outlined in this article (above) to see if that will work for you. It will essentially achieve the same thing, but in the mail app instead of in Gmail.

  2. I ditch my iPhone 4 for an s2 back in the day just because of the keyboard with swype… I realized that samsung is not a top of the line brand, finally I get an HTC ONE M7 Google Play Edition and the difference is abysmal. But nothing like iPhone, when I heard of iOS 8 and support for third party keyboard I sign up for an iPhone 6 in Europe Unlocked… Si I started to see all new features that iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2 didn’t have… My question is: why other email apps have the option in the share menu and apps like gmail and inbox from Gmail doesn’t, is this Apple or is the app maker that does not include this option?

      1. Not exactly but you can do it… When you want to share anything from your iPhone you can select a hand full of app available in the share menu, if you have CloudMagic Mail App it will give you the option to select this Mail app and share via email without the stock iPhone email app…

  3. Quick question. Once you share an email via safari with the work around featured in the article, doesn’t that infact utilize the native mail app thus activating the manuel mail request and double fill you inbox (native and preferred app)? I’m using the new outlook app with exchange and while the conventional OSX outlook to native functions like calendar, mail, notes, and reminders is seamless for ios8, I’d still like to try the app I guess. But as described I don’t want a double inbox notification.

    1. If you follow the steps I outlined above you can set your default mail account to Manual (step 2) so that it only checks for mail when you open the Mail app. That way, if you use the new Outlook app, you will not get mail in the Mail app unless you specifically open it, but you can still send mail from it by using the Share menu in other apps. You can also turn off notifications by going to Settings > Notification > Mail and disabling badges and alerts for whatever account you use to receive mail in the Apple Mail app. That should fix the problem of double inbox notifications.

    2. Im not sure if the email will be downloaded to your device, but If they are you can control how many of them to download, keep it at minimum and you can also disable notification for the Default Email App, this way you wont get double notification

  4. Slightly different issue on a 6 plus with latest software updates.Touching mail icon resulting in mail page trying to open for a nanosecond then reverting to home scree,Done everything to try and sort from ,reboot to restore to reset. Problem not completely solved as the mail screen mostly opens but sometimes disappears either instantly of whist in use.Is this a latestest 8.1.3 update issue or is my phone faulty ?Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Jonathan
    Do you have any magic wand to wave over the latest IOS update disaster Apple has caused? My iPad air2 suddenly won’t open links via mail, although it’s still on IOS 9.2.1 and hasn’t tried to update to 9.3 yet. My iPhone tried but is giving the ‘you’re not connected to the Internet’ message so many people are getting.
    Any help greatly appreciated – can’t describe the annoyance level!

    1. Ugh. That doesn’t sound good. Are you using the Apple Mail app or the Gmail app? I have not seen that bug myself yet, so not sure what exactly to try. My go-to fix for most iOS problems is the hard restart – press and hold the power and the home button and keep them held down until the iPad restarts and release both buttons when you see the Apple logo again. I have no idea if it will work or not, but it has fixed some things for me in the past. Other than that, 9.3 may be worth a shot to see if that clears out the bugs. I saw Apple had some problems with 9.3 on older devices, but have fixed it with a revised update – http://www.engadget.com/2016/03/25/apple-ios-9.3-bug-fix/

      I hope you get your device up and running the way it should be soon 🙁

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