Office Mix: It’s PowerPoint, but Not as You Know It!

If you thought you knew the limits of PowerPoint in your classroom, think again, because Microsoft have released an innovative PowerPoint add-on that extends its functionality and usefulness for teachers. It’s called Office Mix, and it’s available as a free download for Windows users who have Office 2013 installed.

office mix

The premise is simple. You take an existing PowerPoint presentation, or create one from scratch, and enhance it with the Office Mix add-on. The add-on appears in the ribbon at the top of the screen in PowerPoint and lets you add additional features like quiz questions, videos, or web content from Khan Academy or CK-12.

office Mix ribbon menu

Once you have the lesson content arranged the way you want it, you can choose to record a screencast of yourself teaching the lesson with the slides and interactive elements you added for your students. While recording, you have access to a number of annotation tools, and you can also choose to include a webcam video of yourself to add human interest if you so desire. In this way, Office Mix is clearly a great tool for flipped or blended classrooms.

Lab apps for office mix

When your recording is complete, you upload it to your personal Office Mix dashboard, and can share the link quickly and easily with others. Students will watch it online and see the video pause at various points so that they can engage with the quiz or the interactive elements that you added to your lesson. A variety of built-in analytics tell you how students are answering the questions and how much time, on average, they are spending on each slide.

uploading office mix

So, if you are an Office 365 school and you have been feeling left out by some of Google’s more recent announcements, take a look at Office Mix and explore the possibilities that it has for your classroom learning.

More information here, and in the video below:

9 thoughts on “Office Mix: It’s PowerPoint, but Not as You Know It!

  1. […] 10. EdPuzzle – There are several tools available to add questions to a YouTube video, but EdPuzzle remains one of my favorites. They add new features all the time and have one of the best video libraries to search for the content that you want to use with students. You can trim the video to the length you need, add quiz questions for students that are timestamped to specific points in the video, add your own audio narration or voice notes, and even upload your own screencasts. Teachers can also prevent students from skipping ahead in the video to get to the questions, if required. Data from student responses are stored in the teacher dashboard. If you are already familiar with EdPuzzle, try Office Mix to add some pizazz to your PowerPoints. […]


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