SlideIdea: An Innovative, Interactive Presentation App for the iPad

Looking for a different way to present content and engage students in your lessons? Take a look at SlideIdea – a free app for the iPad that sets out to rival Keynote, Nearpod, Haiku Deck, Swipe and other presentation apps for the iPad. Here are 5 features that I think make it a great app for the classroom.

1.Slide Templates – With clean designs, and plenty of templates to choose from, you can be sure that your audience will not be bored by the same old PowerPoint themes. There are lots to like, and you can preview each one before you decide on the one you want. Templates are customizable to your needs and allow you to change things like the background colors and fonts.

SlideIdea iPad Presentation Templates

2. Widgets – Need a square frame for your image? What about a collage? The image widgets give you lots of shapes to choose from and can help your slides stand out from the crowd. If you don’t see the one you want, tap the download button to view more. The same goes for the shape tool. Polygons, lines, speech bubbles, and a variety of icons are just a tap away and each one can be customized for color, fonts, borders and more.

SlideIdea Widgets

3. Screencasting – The built-in screencasting tool lets you record your voice as you flip through your slideshow and will then save it to the app or your SlideIdea web account. As you are recording, you can use some basic annotation tools to draw the viewer’s attention to specific content on the slide. This could be great for students who want to practice a live presentation so that they can play it back for peer or self-assessment.

Screencasting an iPad Presentation

4. Audience Participation – Spice up a passive presentation with some interactive tools that are designed to involve your audience. For instance, you can give your viewers a URL that puts your slides on their screens and will switch to the next slide when you do. You can also poll the audience, or randomly call on a person’s device that is connected to your presentation. You can also add a video from your Camera Roll or from YouTube.

Presentation Polls on the iPad

5. Cloud Connections – Sharing and importing is easy with the connected cloud services. Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive and Box can be linked to easily import a PPT or PDF presentation. You can also upload your files direct to the SlideIdea website on a desktop computer and access those files from the app. Presentations created inside the app can be exported as a PPT, PDF or PNG and opened in an app of your choice.

SlideIdea Export Options

So, whether you use it yourself, or decide to set your students loose on it, you are quickly able to create some great, interactive presentations on the iPad with very little effort when you use the SlideIdea app.

14 thoughts on “SlideIdea: An Innovative, Interactive Presentation App for the iPad”

  1. Looks good! I’ve been searching for alternatives to Haiku Deck that have as good an interface and are user-friendly. Does it have a searchable image bank like Haiku? I’m still looking for something as good as these for Android tablets. Our school purchased 42 of the new Google Nexus 7s. I like them a lot, but so far Movenote is the only presentation app that I really like on them. Any ideas on others?

    Thanks for the thorough post and for putting SlideIdea on my radar.

    1. I’m not as good with Android apps as perhaps I should be, but you can now use Nearpod for Android. You can’t create much with the app, but for teachers it would be great for presenting content they put together on a laptop or desktop machine. Deck Slideshow Presentations is another Android app maybe worth looking at, but it might need a bit more work before it is ready for prime time. However, if Google would give us a mobile version of Google Presentations that worked on Android and/or iOS I think we would all be a lot happier! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the wonderful post jonathan :). I hope you enjoy our app. Did you like the Transformations?

    As for Android, we have near future plans for an Android release 🙂 Thanks again for the support! Let us know if there is anything we can develop to help cater to your needs. The picture bank is also noted 🙂

    1. Yes, I liked the transformations. A nice twist on transitions. More to come on that front I hope 🙂

      What about annotation tools for the presentation mode, and not just for the screencasting mode? They could show up in a presenter mode when connected to AirPlay or a VGA adapter so that they are only seen by the presenter. Or maybe a selection of laser pointers could be used.

      Can hyperlinks be added? Maybe I missed that somewhere, but that would be a nice option to have too. The Google search bar goes to Can that be localized for different locations, or customized with a URL of choice?

      I probably have some more ideas, but that is what immediately comes to mind 🙂

  3. Hey Jonathan,

    Thanks again for the wonderful post. We appreciate it so much. As for your suggestions — we certainly plan on adding some annotative features for presenters (while presenting). We will weigh the pros and cons of a laser pointer vs. marker :). Any preference?

    As for the issue – we will have that changed asap! Additionally, hyperlinks shouldn’t be a problem for us.

    On a side note – Do you use Evernote? We’ve had requests for Evernote/Slideidea synchronization. Just wondering if that would be interesting for you?

    Thanks again for everything 🙂

    1. Thanks again Ike. Sounds like you have lots of good ideas in the works. I am excited to see future releases.

      I am an Evernote user, but not a prolific one. However, I am sure it would be a useful connection to make. Is there any way to bring Google Presentations into SlideIdea without first saving them as PDF or PPT?

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