How Educators Can Earn More Space With Dropbox for Free!

Dropbox is a great service for syncing and backing up all your important files. You can access your files on the web, on mobile devices, and on any computer that you install the Dropbox client. It is, in my opinion, the best cloud backup and sync solution available because it works flawlessly. The only trouble is, you only get 2GB of space with the free account. These days, that fills up fast. However, there are ways to earn more space in Dropbox for free. Currently I have about 69GB of space, and none of it is costing me anything right now! Here’s why.

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1. Refer a Friend

If you already have a Dropbox account, you can earn more space by sharing a referral link with others. This is my referral link If you sign up for Dropbox by clicking my referral link, we both earn an extra 500MB of space. You can earn up to 16GB of free space that way, but the person who follows your link has to create and account and install Dropbox on their computer before you are both credited with the extra space. As a disclaimer, I should state that I have already hit my 16GB referral bonus limit, but Dropbox tell me that you can still earn 500MB for yourself if you use my link.

2. Take the Tour

Once you join Dropbox, log in at and take the Getting Started tour. This short, five step tour will walk you through some of the main features of your Dropbox account, but, more importantly, it will earn you 250MB of free space 🙂

3. Connect with Dropbox

Got a Facebook or Twitter account? You can get 125MB of free space for linking it to either service or 250MB if you link both. Follow Dropbox on Twitter for an additional 125MB, and get yet another 125MB for giving them some feedback on what you think of their service. So, when all is said and done, 500MB of space can be earned for connecting with Dropbox.

4. Camera Uploads

If you use the mobile app for Dropbox, you will see an option in the settings to turn on Camera Upload. Once it is on, any photos or videos you take on your mobile device will automatically be uploaded to Dropbox. In return, you will receive 500MB of free space for every 500MB you upload, to a maximum of 3GB. This also works with a Mac or PC. More details here.

5. Connect with Mailbox

One of the more recent Dropbox acquisitions is the Mailbox app. This popular mobile app lets you read, reply and manage your Gmail with ease. When it was first released, it was so popular it had a huge waiting list of people waiting to use it. After Dropbox bought it, the waiting list was abolished. If you download it to your iPhone or iPad and link your Dropbox account, you will instantly receive 1GB of free space! Try it.

6. Sync with Samsung

This one is a big one, but it’s not for everyone. If you buy a brand new Samsung phone or tablet that comes with the Dropbox app pre-loaded, complete the getting started guide, and you have a participating carrier, then you will be eligible for 48GB of free space for at least a year the first time you login to the Dropbox app. This one came as a surprise to me when I logged into Dropbox for the first time on my Samsung Galaxy S III, but it was a very welcome surprise! More details on qualifying devices can be found here.

So, it is easier than you might think. If you are getting close to your 2GB limit, or are looking enviously at colleagues with 15GB of Google Drive storage, try some of the options above to eek out some extra space before you have to buy any additional storage space. Dropbox users can visit to see all their free and paid upgrade options.

Do you use Dropbox in the classroom? Is it part of your student workflow, or just for personal productivity? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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