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Do you Swipe? If you own a tablet or a smartphone, you are probably thinking that you do it several times a day. However, what I’m really talking about is a new online startup called Swipe. It’s an innovative, multi-platform presentation tool that works in any browser and on any screen size. Here’s how it works.

Do you remember the first time you saw Nearpod, and your jaw dropped as everybody’s screen simultaneously advanced to the next slide when the presenter told you it would? Well, Swipe works in very much the same way, but there is no app, just a solid HTML5 platform that works seamlessly.

You start by creating an account, and uploading your content to your first presentation deck. Swipe supports PDFs, Keynote files, JPEGS, PNGs, RAW files and more. (See a full list of compatible file types here). Next, name your deck, and rearrange the slides as you see fit by dragging and dropping. Want to add a video? Vimeo and YouTube videos can be interspersed among your slides simply by adding the URL to the video you want to show.

Swipe Dashboard

When you are ready to present, start by changing the privacy settings to make your deck public, then click the View and Present button. Your presentation will go full screen and you will find a link to share with others you are presenting to. Once the link is shared, you can click the Control Live button to and swipe through your slides to steer your audience through the content you put together for them. As you move from one slide to the next, so will they.

Swipe Presentation Mode

As someone who gives presentations at conferences and school districts, I am intrigued by the possibilities that Swipe offers. The quality and line of sight with LCD projectors I come in contact with varies greatly, but if every viewer has an internet connected device, (as they almost always do), a projector is basically redundant. There are no longer any concerns over who can see and who can’t, because everyone can see every slide on their own device.

However, I also know that it has a lot of potential in the classroom, and with a few small additions, it could be a great way for teachers AND students to share and present content, especially in 1:1 or BYOD environments. Here’s my shortlist so far:

  • The ability to link Dropbox and Google Drive are coming in the near future! 🙂
  • A virtual laser pointer and/or annotation tools to mark up slides in real time
  • The ability to share presentations over social media
  • A simple polling tool would be a good start for more student engagement
  • The ability to duplicate a deck so you can add or subtract slides would help with differentiation
  • The ability to share decks with other educators so they can edit, duplicate, or use as is
  • Support for presenter notes

Thanks to Danielle Hartman for getting me hooked on Swipe!

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