Using Google Forms for a Contact Page on Google Sites

When I create custom Google Sites, one of the things I often add is a Google Form on the Contact page. It’s a quick, easy, and stylish way to give visitors to your website a way to contact you without ever having to leave your site. Here’s how to set one up.

Start by creating a form in Google Drive, but keep it simple. The more fields you add, the less likely people will be to use your form. So, Name, Email and Comments is usually fine for most circumstances, but feel free to change that up as required, (see below).

Google Sites Contact Form

Next, insert the Form on a Contact page of your Google Site. You can add a paragraph explaining that it is a way that people can contact you about anything you have seen on the site, but again this is optional. So, go to Insert > Drive > Form and select the Form you created.

insert google form

Now adjust the Form settings. I usually recommend leaving the border and title boxes unchecked. That way, you get a nice clean look and it does not immediately look like you have embedded a Google From. Leave the width blank and it will automatically fit the width of your site, and play with the height until it looks right for you and displays without a scroll bar. Then save your page.

Google Form Settings

To get notified of form submissions, go to the Responses spreadsheet that is associated with your Google Form. Then click Tools > Notification rules. This allows you to set up email alerts for form submissions, so check the box that says A user submits a form, and choose how quickly you would like to be notified of that action. Most of the time I select Email – right away, but if your inbox is full and overflowing, you may prefer the daily digest. Click Save to store your preferences.

notification settings google spreadhseet

And that is really all there is to it. From this point forward, visitors to your Google Site can submit questions and comments through the embedded Google Form, and you will get notified of their submission by email. Easy, right? 🙂

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