Convert Files Quickly and Easily with CloudConvert

CloudConvert for converting files

Everybody needs to convert a file from one format to another at some point in time, and there are countless online websites that will do that for you. However, most specialize in just a few formats. Zamzar used to be one of my favorites, but, thanks to a tweet by Steve Katz on Twitter, is my new belle. Here’s why.

To begin with, the service is free, at least for now, but it also lets you link up your Dropbox and/or Google Drive accounts to convert files that you store in the cloud, wherever you are. It can convert up to 139 different file formats, and can save your files locally, or to your cloud account.

You can convert the same file multiple times to multiple formats, and choose to download a QR code so that you can scan it and save to a mobile device. Only need the first 30 seconds of a video? No problem. Click the wrench for advanced options that let you set the length of time to convert. There are advanced eBook reader options that let you specify which device you want your ebook file to be most compatible with, and there is even a handy Chrome app.

In my own testing, I found the results to be very promising. It wasn’t perfect, but everything converted pretty much the way I expected it to. For teachers, there is not yet any option to convert SMART Notebook or ActivInspire files, but most other formats that educators use are there, and you can even do nice things like strip the audio from an MP4 video file and convert it into an MP3 audio file.

The service is still in Beta, but if you find yourself doing a lot of file conversions, or dealing with formats that you would rather not work with, you should definitely try it out at

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