Pimp My Site: Customization Options for Google Sites


Recently, I shared the first of my three presentations at the Iowa Mini Google Summit – Editing Video Online with the YouTube Editor. Today, I am sharing the second – Pimp My Site: Customization Options for Google Sites. It’s an exploration of the ways in which you can make a Google Site easier on the eye, and less like a stock Google Site.

I have grown to love Google Sites. They are easy for students and teachers to build and maintain, but they are also easy to tweak…if you know where to look. They don’t have to look like a stock Google Site if you learn a few simple tricks. It takes a little bit of time to apply all these tweaks, but once you start using them, you will get faster, and you will get more adventurous with ideas of your own.

One of my favorite things to do when I find a truly awesome Google Site is to try and backwards engineer it. How did they do that header? How did they make the navigation so elegant? How can I get a background like that? I would encourage you to do just that. At the same conference, one of my colleagues made a one page Google Site for their session handout. He stripped out all navigation, and had a simple two color palette. It was clean, simple and elegant. I love coming across new ways of doing things, and for me this was a great example of that.

So, take a look at the slideshow below and see if you can apply any of these tips to your own Google Site. Together we can make the web more beautiful! 🙂

[slideshare id=24652590&doc=pimpmysite-customizationoptionsforgooglesites-130726091442-phpapp01]

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