Editing Online Video with the YouTube Editor


Have you used the YouTube video editor before? Did you even know that there was a YouTube video editor? At a recent Google Mini Summit, I gave a presentation to teachers on how to use the YouTube video editor, and many were surprised at just how much you could do with it.

When it first came out, it was kind of limited, but it is improving at a steady pace, and you can already do a lot of very useful editing inside YouTube itself. Joining clips, trimming clips and splitting clips is just the beginning, especially when you can add up to 50 videos and 500 pictures.

Transitions add style to your videos and make them look less like an amateur, while text overlays can be added to a number of areas on your video to help tell your story. Videos and pictures can have the brightness and contrast adjusted, with black and white, slow motion or a number of other Instagram-style video filters only a click away.

Audio options include the ability to adjust your clip volume, and access to a vast YouTube library of tunes that can be added to your videos without worries about copyright or anything else.  All of this saves automatically, even if you close your browser and come back to it the next day.

So, if you are interested in checking out what the YouTube Editor has to offer, check out the slides from my presentation below, and visit http://youtube.com/editor. Stay tuned for my other two Google presentations in the posts that follow.

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