Not an ADE Today? Carry On!

The Apple Distinguished Educator Program

Today, Apple contacted hundreds, if not thousands, of educators who applied for the North American Apple Distinguished Educator program. 75 were chosen to be a part of this elite group, but the majority were left disappointed, and face a two-year wait before they can try again.

To those that were unsuccessful, I say take heart. You applied for the program because of a passion for learning, creativity, and innovation. You applied for this program because you were proud of your achievements in education. You applied for the program to challenge yourself and network with the best. None of that needs to change. Carry on.

Being recognized as an Apple Distinguished Educator is high praise indeed, but even if I don’t know you personally, I’d wager that you were already distinguished and well regarded for what you do. I saw countless ADE videos that were shared by candidates on Twitter, and around the web, and each was as inspiring as the next. North America’s Got Talent! Our schools and colleges need this talent. Carry on.

Your enthusiasm for teaching and technology will not wither overnight. The students and teachers you work with will continue to benefit from your knowledge and experience, and your stature in the education community will remain undiminished. You will still meet great educators that will challenge your thinking or inspire you to great heights, and the opportunity to share and showcase your talents will come again soon. Carry on.

So, if like me, you did not get the answer you were hoping for today, know that education is still better because of you. Know that you still make a difference in the classroom. Know that your imagination and invention is valued, and revered. Carry on.

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