Using Blurb Mobile for Digital Storytelling on the iPad

I’m a big fan of digital storytelling apps. There are lots of them, and most of them are very good, but many are aimed at elementary students. So, when I find something new, innovative, and a little less cartoony like Blurb Mobile, I am always glad because it gives me another app to share with secondary teachers.

Blurb Mobile

The Blurb Mobile app is offered by, the same company that offers wannabe authors the chance to create their own print and ebooks and sell them online. Ā It has a very intuitive interface and is easy to pick up and use.Ā With an emphasis on visual media, Blurb lets you create some short, but interesting, gallery style stories that the author can narrate and add short captions to.

Blurb Mobile 2

The app is free and lets you add up to 8 images per story, one 30 second audio clip per image, one 10 second video. There are also 7 built-in themes to choose from, page layouts, image adjustment tools, and privacy controls to keep your story unlisted or public to the world. I hate in-app purchases (I much prefer a separate paid app) but for $0.99 you can up your image limit to 15, add 2 minute audio clips, three 30 second videos, and get access to 8 additional themes.

Blurb Mobile 3

For some inspiration on what you can create, check out the Story Stream in the navigation menu to see what others have created with the Blurb app. There are some great examples: some poignant, someĀ fascinating. You can also use the audio bin to record your audio ahead of time and store it in the clip library for when you need it.

Overall, it is a really well made app that has some interesting options and a fresh approach to how you can tell a story digitally on the iPad, and an app that could easily find its way onto iPads in the classroom. So, feel free to check it out, and be sure to see my other picks for digital storytelling apps for the iPad.

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