Google Docs Storybuilder

So, have you seen the new Google Docs Stroybuilder tool? It’s very cool. Google have been promoting it with some fun videos like the one below, and it could be a big hit in the classroom if you are looking for a novel way for students to tell a story of their own, collaborate on a joint tale, or even just to help demonstrate the value of the editing process! Take a look at Google’s take on Hall and Oates…


How does it work? Simply visit the Gone Google Storybuilder and hit the big red button to get started. Then add the names of the characters you want to star in your story. Then fill out what you want each character to type, (overwriting or correcting the previous character where needed, and add some music. Once you are done you get a URL to share your story with others. Easy and fun.

Have you created a story that you would like to share with us? Leave a link in the comments below and share the creativity of your students or show us your own talents!

3 thoughts on “Google Docs Storybuilder”

  1. how do you sign in your google account while you do this? i assume you can only collaborate with someone on by being signed in, but when i sign in and go to the app, it doesn’t keep me signed in

    1. You don’t collaborate with this particular Google tool, you just simulate collaboration. When you add characters, they act like you are collaborating with others, but it is just a simulation because you control all the writers! To get true, realtime collaboration, you have to use the Google Docs suite.

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