iPad Workflow Solutions for Educators

Recently, I attended ITEC 2012 -Iowa’s premier technology conference for educators. David Pogue and Marco Torres were the keynote speakers, but there were dozens of other excellent breakout sessions over the course of this three-day event.

I myself had the opportunity to present twice, so I opted for a couple of iPad sessions that I had been wanting to talk about for some time now, and I have included the slides to the first of these two sessions below – iPad Workflow Solutions for Educators.

A digital workflow for the iPad, or the process of getting student work to and from the device, has long been a subject of some consternation among those who use iPads in the classroom. Why? The reason is simple. Apple did not build  the iPad for a school environment. It was designed for an individual. As such, it was designed to be managed by an individual, with little real thought about how that individual could interact with other users.

Thankfully, this is beginning to change. Apple is less restrictive that it once was. It has loosened the reins a little with iOS and it is now actively working to help develop mobile device management software like Apple Configurator. My presentation at ITEC was designed to reflect that, and it includes some of the latest changes and developments that have been made to the iOS ecosystem.

So, feel free to take a look at some of the options that are available to you if you use iPads in the classroom. A fully digital workflow is possible on the iPad, but it is not always as intuitive as it might be. The slides here do not always tell the whole story, because of the nature of a slideshow presentation, so if you want or need any further information on any of these methods, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

[slideshare id=14833651&doc=ipadworkflowsolutions-121022080114-phpapp01]

13 thoughts on “iPad Workflow Solutions for Educators”

  1. Looks like it was a great presentation! Saw some tools in there I have not heard of and will definitely have to check out!

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  3. I’m finding Edmodo really useful, but just been comparing with Showbie – which also looks very good. Both offer straightforward and practical solutions to workflow issues.

      1. what about notability and schoology? Wondering if you have any new thoughts on students submitting, teachers grading and teachers returning

        1. Yes indeed. Notability and Schoology/Canvas/Edmodo is a very common solution these days and works well. What I am looking forward to trying in this arena is Google Classroom and whether or not that works on an iPad. Time will tell…

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